As soon as summer fades away, our body goes through a crisis. We might feel out of swing, out of focus and in need of

This week’s recipe is a real delight: a healthy cocoa smoothie to be savoured any time you crave sugary cake or chocolate. Not only does

  Meditation for sleep helps you with the unbearable frustration and repercussions of being unable to sleep. Not only does it affect you at night, but

  No doubt that mindfulness for kids = wellfulness for adults. I came to this

  Every diet, even a healthy diet, comes with plenty of challenges. We talked already

  Individuals think that mindfulness can be attained by sitting in front of a mountain

  You might already know from other articles I’ve written, that professionally I perform a

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  Learning how to remaining focused on at work can be an uphill task with a consistent stream of interruption from diverse happenings and factors. You must

  Finding the time to meditate when the day seems to whizz by, is challenging. We all have busy lives and the hours seem to disintegrate. We’re

  I understand why meditation can feel so far away when you are feeling stressed. The gloss and glam of the images that we often see on

  If you have time, meditate for an hour; if you don’t, meditate for two. Really? I had to read it twice believing I read it the wrong