Easter is just a stone’s throw away and you still don’t know what to cook for this year’s gathering with your friends? I was in

If you want them, there are plenty of places where you can go and pay a ton of money to discover the so-called secrets of

It is that time of the year when the sun bursts through the window, and you suddenly realise that you better get started if you


  The topic of self-love has become so common in our daily conversations. At work or

  This is a fun easy tofu scramble recipe.

We live in the Wonder Woman era - an time of female empowerment for

  No doubt that mindfulness for kids = wellfulness for adults. I came to this

  Every diet, even a healthy diet, comes with plenty of challenges. We talked already

  Individuals think that mindfulness can be attained by sitting in front of a mountain

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  It may come as a surprise, but one of the unexpected benefits of practicing mindfulness is its capacity to increase your career prospects. Although not a factor

Schooldays told us that creativity tools were for them not us. The creative ones. Age teaches us different. We are all creative and we all need creativity

Don’t believe the hype – practicing mindfulness in the office does have its limits. There is an unspoken office etiquette when it comes to practicing mindfulness

The post-lunch slump can ruin your whole afternoon. Use this 5 minute meditation for better focus, straight after lunch. To avoid that murky zone that one