We already talked about the popularity and history of crystals in our article How Can Healing Crystals Help You Remain Mindful When Things Get Tough. Today our focus is on the healing powers of crystals and how can they help with meditation, anxiety and stress?
So, let’s take a look at why and how healing crystals can be used as part of a daily routine.


Why do crystals aid mindfulness?


The whole idea lies, as we said, in the healing crystal being a manifestation of your intention. A concrete representation of your decision. A practical reminder to help you to focus on the present.
Physically holding an object can help you centre your attention on the moment. As you close your mind to the many thoughts and anxieties that are running through it, you are able to re-balance your thoughts quickly.
So holding the crystal in your hand, state what positive affirmation you want it to remind you of. Each time you hold it, see it or feel it, you will remember that powerful decision and feeling.
For example, I am powerful, strong and in complete control of my destiny. Or I am loved and cherished by someone.

The crystal is now your positive affirmation of that truth. In the same way that speaking an affirmation out loud brings it into being, seeing your healing crystal remind you of that truth. Each time that you feel or see your healing crystal, you are reminded to act in line with your decision.


How Do You Use The Healing Powers Of Crystals As Part Of Your Daily Routine?


Serving as a representation of your affirmation, keep the healing crystal in a place where it can affect your intentions.
To use it daily, hold your healing crystal during meditation, keep it by your bed or wear the same stone in a piece of jewellery.

According to the dailymail.co.uk, Victoria Beckham feels so strongly about the positive effects of using healing crystals that she has clipped crystals onto belt loops and included secret pockets for them on wide leg trousers, so you can carry’ them ‘wherever you go.


5 Easy Ways To Use Your Healing Crystal


1. Create a feature or focus point for it. Make a special place for the crystal, somewhere in your home. Add candles and incense to reflect the intention that the crystal represents. Each time that you see the crystal, you will be reminded of your intentions, and act accordingly.

2. Carry them with you in your bag. With your crystal in your bag, you may not be able see it all the time. But knowing that it is there will help you to follow through on your affirmations.

3. Wear the same crystal as part of a piece of jewellery. Whether in a necklace, bracelet or earrings, you will be able to feel the crystal, wherever you are. A powerful and easy way to keep you in line with your goals during the day, as well as ensuring that your chakras remain balanced.

4. Place them in a prime position. If you going to a place of stress, bring them with you and place them somewhere where you can see them. For example, on your desk at work.

5. During meditation. Whilst you meditate, hold the crystal in your hands and focus your thoughts on your breathing.

However you choose to use your crystals, enjoy the sense of calm and control that they bring. You may even decide to treat yourself to a piece from Victoria Beckham’s new collection! Or you can check our collection of crystals. May the healing power of crystals be with you and


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