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Five ways to boost your energy – fast

If you want them, there are plenty of places where you can go and pay a ton of money to discover the so-called secrets of how to boost your energy. However, like all things, the true answer is indeed, much simpler, natural and completely inexpensive.

Keeping our energy at an optimum level naturally, is essential for a healthy body and mind. So often, the options for energy boosting that we are bombarded with, involve spending money and playing up to a certain image. We can, however, do away with both and improve our energy levels without the pressure. Guess what, they are all completely free and totally natural.


How to boost your energy quickly, without adding another expense?


1. Water

Align the fact that we are 70% water, with the amount of water that we actually consume each day. You can quickly see how our body and brain may need to make adjustments and reduce proper bodily mechanics. Although lots of fruits and vegetables can help, it is essential that we drink enough water throughout the day. From regulating body temperature to blood flow and protection, water is a crucial part of who we are. A critical component that we cannot neglect to keep properly topped up if we want to maintain good energy levels.


2. Sleep

With the busyness of modern life we have forgotten the true function of sleep. Despite our modern attempts to convince ourselves of otherwise, sleep reminds us that wellfullness is a real and urgent priority for all of us. That we can’t indeed, work our way to a better life, that we are a life force that needs more than to simply travail. Without enough sleep our bodies and minds are not prepared for the next day.

Once you take a moment to think about it, it makes perfect sense that we cannot be ready for more and expect our minds and bodies to work properly, if they have not had time to recharge, restore, replenish and rest. However, life’s pressures have told us otherwise and so we run on empty and wonder why we cannot operate properly. From our appetite to our hormones, the length of our overnight pitstop determines how much petrol we have in the tank for the next day. However much we spend, we cannot have more energy without adequate sleep.


3. Exercise

Although today we are bombarded with the exterior benefits of exercise, the positives of exercising stretch much further than toned bodies. Indulging in regular exercise of any form, ensures that life-giving oxygen, feel-good endorphins and nutrients circulate to every part of our body, keeping each of the body’s functions, including those in our brain, in tip-top condition. Far more important work than the much-touted body-sculpting that we are so over-fed as our reason to exercise, any type of exercise results in regular releases of oxygen and nutrient stashes, as our blood zips around our bodies.


4. Walk on the wild side

It’s so simple that we overlook it. Stepping outside into the fresh air or cycling can boost your energy levels – even if you can only manage a few minutes. As well as all of their natural goodness for your body, sunshine, oxygen and a change of scenery will help you to gain perspective, release feel-good hormones and foster a more positive mindset.


5. Meditation

As well bettering your oxygen intake, meditation helps you to relax. Relaxation enables us to sleep fully, use each part of our body properly, get enough time to restore and repair our body and regulate energy-zapping cortisol levels. Additionally, it also promotes wellness, as our minds have time to entertain positive-thinking, cultivate mindfulness and release mood-enhancing chemicals.

As we begin to crave more balanced ways of living and simpler solutions to life’s crises, these top five ways are quick, easy and effective solutions to low energy, with the long-lasting benefits to your wider wellfullness. Your simple toolkit to boost your energy and better overall health today!


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A vibrant lifestyle writer from London, Charlotte has been passionate about wellbeing and positivity for over twenty years. Beginning with a life-changing summer when she read the autobiographies of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou at the age of thirteen, Charlotte’s desire to live ‘on purpose’ was set. Over the years, her journey has taken her through the books, blogs and videos of all the best, as well as many wonderful sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation. Charlotte is a busy freelancing mum, with a long career in education, training and writing.

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