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A Love Letter To My Mum


How do you deal with your mother saying about her marriage: “I’ve stayed because I wanted you to have both a mother and father in your life”?

If you ever heard this phrase, you might have felt as I felt: some sort of guilt mixed with a huge compassion towards your mum. But since I never said to her how deeply I admire and love her for always putting myself before anything else, I decided to write a letter to my mum.


And since I released everything I’ve been holding on in my heart for so long, I feel now at peace.


It’s a transformational experience, bringing peace of mind and spreading love. So here is my letter:


Letter To My Mum


Dear Mom, 

Already almost 30 years since I’ve been around and I feel I’m going to need more than that to thank you for bringing me into this world and taking care of me. It’s been a bumpy ride for you, of that I’m sure. But I do like to think I helped make it more bearable.

I sometimes wonder how your life would have turned out if it wasn’t for me. You’d probably stop me before saying these words, but I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made it worse or easier for you.

The phrase that has stuck with me since childhood, when you were trapped in a relationship with a man who clearly never deserved you is: “I’ve stayed because I wanted you to have both a mother and father in your life”. It has always haunted me and made me somehow feel guilty about being here, about being born. And after all this time, it’s clear to me that it wasn’t me who needed protection all along, it was you.

You’ve had to make the hardest choice: should you take me and go search for happiness someplace else, or just stay and hope things might get better eventually?


I know now that leaving me without a father has never even been an option for you. That your enormous sacrifice was done out of the huge love you have for me, and for that, I am grateful.


But I want you to know that I’m stronger than you think, and I’ve always been. Your sacrifice is appreciated, but I wish you haven’t done it. I wish it didn’t take so long for you to finally leave and have the happy life you now have. I wish you had just gotten up and left and searched for your happiness. Because wherever you’re happy, I’m happy. And wherever there’s you, there’s always going to be me.

I guess being a mum takes a lot of sacrifice. It’s funny it takes children so long to realize it, and I wish we’d show it more often. Your persistence, strength, determination and love have made me be the adult that I am today. And while I might be many things, I do hope, my lovely mum, that I’m the son you’ve dreamt of and that you’re now proud of how I turned out to be.

Thank you, mum. My love for you has no limit. Now and forever.


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