beneficial intention

Is Aiming For Perfection A Beneficial Intention Or Is It A Setback?

Setting a beneficial intention for myself has always given me a hard time. From the simple ones - I want to have breakfast every morning or I want to dress myself prettier - to the gigantic I want to practice yoga every day, nothing was ever easy and smooth. Why? Because nothing was ever reasonable, although it may sound like it.

A beneficial intention is about change. About bringing something new and useful into our lives. It is about building a meaningful habit. Switching from black to white, from darkness to light, from bad to good. Or, at least, that's how . . .

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Radiana is an editorial and marketing content strategist and creator. She is inspired by the people she has been working with during her 20 years long publishing journey, as well as the people she meets while traveling and those part of her yoga practice.All her projects are driven by her passion and her commitment, becoming a member of each community she engages with.