avocado and lime cheesecake



On Mother’s Day, we all should remember to honour our mothers, even if some of us don’t have a very close relationship our mums. For anyone in this situation: I would encourage you to make peace with your mother, even if it is just for this one day.

We also have a great avocado and cheesecake recipe that you can prepare especially for her, as special gift.


Think of this day as a time for bonding, a moment to come together and strengthen your connection. Why avocado? Because it is green of course!


Green is associated with the heart chakra. It is the color of love, compassion, and transformation. If you love baking, reconnect with your mum by making her this delicious green dessert. I chose this avocado and lime cheesecake recipe because it brings with it lots of love. Plus, it is fun and easy to make!


Special Gifts For The Heart Chakra


Most of our mums would be happy with any present we bring them on Mother’s Day. For most, all they really want is for us to be with them on the day. But sometimes things get complicated – we move away from home, often neglecting to return home frequently and soon coming back home begins to get harder and harder. Before we know it, we have drifted apart from our mothers and we blame it on life when, let’s face it, we have the power to solve the problem – if we really want to.

Here’s a great way to reconnect with your mother this Mother’s Day. An opportunity to rebuild your bond and show your mum some love and appreciation, with a homemade gift.


Something handmade by yourself – a flower bouquet, a painted mason jar vase, some homemade bath salts or anything you’re passionate about.


Now, if you love baking, we recommend cooking this avocado and lime cheesecake. It has a beautiful mint green color, which will evoke a soothing sense of calm. Furthermore, green awakens the heart’s core and helps to build connections, plus, it’s delicious too!


avocado lime cheesecake



  • 400 grams cream cheese
  • 400 ml whipping cream
  • 1 medium avocado
  • 2 lime, juiced and zested
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 sachet gelatin powder
  • 300 grams Graham biscuits, ground
  • 120 grams unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 lime for garnishing

avocado lime cheesecake ingredients



  1. Place the graham biscuits in your blender and process until finely ground. Add the butter and process until moist crumbs form. Add the crumb mixture into a 10-inch-diameter spring form pan, then chill the mixture in the refrigerator whilst you make the avocado and lime filling.
  2. Place 200 ml of whipping cream in a small pan. Add the gelatine. Put the pan on low heat and mix until the gelatine is completely dissolved.
  3. Place the avocado, lime juice, and lime zest and honey in your blender. Blend for a few seconds until the avocado is smooth. Add the cream cheese and the rest of the whipping cream and blend again until you obtain a smooth mint green mixture.
  4. Pour in the whipping cream-gelatine mixture and blend.
  5. Pour the creamy mixture over the biscuit crumb base and smooth it over evenly.
  6. Chill the cheesecake for 4 hours.
  7. Before serving the avocado and lime cheesecake, decorate it with lime zest and lime slices.


avocado lime cheesecake preparation


When making the avocado and lime mixture, try to blend the avocado first so that it is smooth, then add the cream cheese and whipping cream.

Remove the sides of the spring form pan slowly, because the mixture is looser than a baked one. You can run a knife around the sides to loosen up the mixture.


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