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The New Bedroom Etiquette Says No To Work


We love to feel on top of things, ahead of things, in the know. And so our work stays with us.

It was our modern bedroom etiquette, we told ourselves. Mobile tech meant we deserved to work in bed, we had to respond to the late-night email under the sheets and those notifications were made to alleviate our FOMO, whatever the time of day they went off. However, a decade in, we are much wiser and the new bedroom etiquette is to keep work out away from bed.


Trend: Work-Free Bedroom


Work and tech are less and less part of our evenings because they ruin our sleep and interrupt our natural processes for the end of the day. The lack of boundaries puts us at risk of insomnia, anxiety and relationship problems.


These are the most important things to do, to keep work out of the bedroom.

  • Create and stick to a routine that means that your time after work is a gradual process of slowing down your mind and body, to prepare for sleep.
  • Begin with your journey home from work. Use activity to transition your mind and body from work mode to home mode. Whether it is a calming activity, such as reading or strolling home to a more energetic activity to release some tension, such as cycling or jogging, allow your muscles to relax and brain to slow down as you journey home. Accompany the activity with deep breathing and mindful thoughts to help you to de-stress.
  • On arriving home, take a shower or bath to relax and continue the crossover from work to home. Add some candles or essential oils to aid relaxation and de-stress.
  • Set a time, way ahead of getting into bed, for all work related communications and tasks to finish. As hard as it can be, stick to it, you will make much better decisions, after a good night’s sleep and a restful evening. Also ensure that email and all notifications are turned off.
  • Allow yourself some down-time to engage in fun, relaxing activity, such as your favourite new drama or comedy series. However, as tempting as it is to watch every episode left – stick to your bed time and switch off on schedule.
  • For a good night’s sleep, leave every bit of tech and work-related items, packed away and out of your bedroom. If you can, leave your phone out of your bedroom too.

The lights and activity from tech confuse our brain into thinking that it is the daytime again. The LED lights cause our melatonin levels to drop, an essential component in relaxing the body for sleep.


By using tech at night, we ruin all of the work that we have done to relax, de-stress and calm down. So to avoid pacing the floor all night unable to sleep, keep your bedroom a tech-free and work-free zone. Essential bedroom etiquette for a good night’s sleep, as well as better wellbeing, relationships and productivity at work.

When you enter your room it should be a darkened, peaceful refuge from the rest of the world. Your place to snuggle up with loved ones and escape the stresses of daily life – for 6-8 hours, at least.


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