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Calming Activities For Stress Relief At Work And At Home

Work, for most of us, is the most stressful environment we will encounter, that we are forced to remain in. Thus we need to learn how to practice some calming activities. Usually, the lunch break is our much needed escape before finishing the day and going back home.

But with the winter holiday approaching and all the Christmas preparations just around the corner, our home tends to become a stressful place as well. We have lots of tasks to complete in no time and almost no free time to recharge. This makes the regular days in the office much harder.

When we are stressed, we need relaxing activities. Working continuously for hours and hours won’t help us finishing the job sooner. Here are some practices to calm us down during the lunch break so that we can come back refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face that evil boss, colleague or pile of work.


Calming Activities For An Energising Lunch Break

These activities are your secret weapons to get you to five o’clock in one piece. Stressed out? So is your body – it is in an unhealthy state of emergency, on high alert – ready to fight or take flight. As much as you may want to do either at work (fight or take flight), calming your body and mind during your lunch break is probably a better idea! The practice will help you at home, too, anytime you feel overwhelmed with choirs.

To de-stress, we have to return our body and mind to its natural state of calm. Thus, working through lunch or surfing social media are not going to cut it. Instead, here is what will help you the most.


1. Relax your muscles.

Breathe in through your nose. Concentrate on the journey of your breath as it moves through and down deep into your body. Exhale out slowly, still focusing on your breath. Repeat.

Now focus on your foot (whilst continuing to inhale and exhale), press it gently to the floor, noticing how it feels, move your toes. Next squeeze your foot and hold for seven seconds, then release it and relax.

Follow the tension as it leaves your body. Repeat for the other foot. Now move on to your buttocks and repeat the sequence. Then your arms and finally your shoulders alongside your jaw line. Return to deep breathing to finish.


2. Choose low energy.

Your body is in a heightened state so that it is ready for high energy activity. Instead, engage in slow, repetitive, simple activity that involves various parts of your body. For example, brush your hair slowly, have a slow stroll through the park, window shop, do sudoku, origami or sit on a bench and doodle. Whilst you do it, focus your attention on the activity and practice deep breathing.


3. Regulate your blood flow.

In a state of fight or flight, our normal blood flow is interrupted to ensure that the body has all it needs to move quickly. Return your blood flow to its normal state using laughter to relax your body and mind, whilst releasing feel-good endorphins at the same time.

Watch a funny clip online, read a funny blog, pop into a bookshop and flick through a funny book, browse the comedy cards section in a gift shop, phone a friend who always makes you laugh. Don’t offload your morning, just ask them to make you laugh.
Sniff on some soothing, revitalising scent whilst you do these relaxing activities and you will return to your desk energized, relaxed and ready for the afternoon. Try lavender, orange, jasmine, cinnamon, rosemary or chamomile to boost relaxation.


You can practice any of these calming activities at home while taking a short break from anything else. It will feel you with energy and good vibes.


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