Christmas gift ideas

Gift Ideas To Spread The Mindfulness Seed

Opening presents at Christmas is all about the kids. Let’s change that! Isn’t it time we got some great Christmas gift ideas for us grown ups?

We work hard all year, shouldn’t we get presents that excite and entertain us for the day? How about gift ideas that combine mindfulness with desirable goodies? Here are some ideas that have the added benefit of spreading the wonderful seed of mindfulness.


How Does A Great Gift Idea For Grown Ups, Spread The Mindfulness Seed?


Effort. The effort that you made to walk on past the oh-so convenient gift voucher display, multiple times, to instead sit down and think about a loved one. To devote some time to think of what would be a kind, thoughtful way to show your gratitude for someone. To spend some of your busy day, browsing the internet until you find, just the right gift idea that will offer a little indulgence, relaxation and me time. Something special for someone you love.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best gift ideas to spread the mindfulness seed. Wrap a little package of gratitude and love this Christmas with these gorgeous gift ideas.


Christmas Gift Ideas


For Super Dads

Forget socks – this year give your dad something that he can enjoy for the rest of the year, all to himself. #Dad Life is a luxe, ironic and funny mindfulness colouring book for Dads. Printed on high-quality paper, this is a wonderful present for dad to relax and unwind during the year, whilst remembering that you loved him enough to get it, just for him.


gift ideas dad life manly adult colouring book

For indulgence

Time out, to relax, close your eyes and have a moment of peace becomes a luxurious treat with this Aromatherapy Chakra Essential Oils Gift Set. An elegant set of natural essential oils to help you re-connect and re-balance mind, body and spirit. The complete set of oils to promote: creativity, passion, pleasure, acceptance, life and healthy relationships.


gift ideas chakra essential oils


For this season’s biggest trend

Sound meditation is everywhere this season and the fervour is set to continue well beyond 2019. Give a beautiful Handcrafted Nepalese Singing Bowl to someone special this Christmas. Handmade in Nepal, this luxurious, authentic singing bowl features a blend of 5 fine metals, as well as rare engravings that speak of gratitude, compassion, awareness and enlightenment. This stunning singing bowl comes with a hand-sewn standing ring and rosewood clapper.



For the seeker

Know someone who would love to learn about meditation practice or just wants to give it more time? Gift this wonderful Guided Meditation Self Hypnosis CD. Mark Bowden’s easy-to-use but powerful techniques will transform your loved one’s outlook for 2019. With an MP3 version included, as well as access to the new accompanying app, this the present that you’ll all be fighting over on Christmas Day.



For the kids

Oh I know this was supposed to be about us, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this Bedtime Meditations for Kids CD. Depending on who this is gifted to, this could well be a gift for the grown ups too. Get the kids to sleep peacefully in 2019 with this brilliant CD of bedtime meditations. The children will love listening to the themed tracks whilst they drift to sleep. Lasting 18 minutes each, adults can slip away softly, whilst the child slumbers on. Bliss


Christmas gift ideas for kids a bedtime meditation for kids cd

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