Colour Therapy : Green Your Life!


Do you believe in colour therapy? I do. Aren’t we so lucky that the world is not just black and white, but always so colourful and inspiring?

Can you imagine living in a place that is only one colour? It would be such a waste when life has so many nuances.


For each of us, each colour represents something different. For some, a colour can even trigger mixed feelings.


Take red, for instance. When we see red, we think of love, passion, hearts and roses. At the same time, it is also linked to blood and evil, or even the red traffic light that tells us to stop. But what about green?


Colour Therapy Through Green Power


Now green power is something that I’m very passionate about, because lately I’ve discovered that there is more and more of it in my life. Coincidence? I think not, because I’ve done some research and I can relate to a lot of what I’ve found. Here are some important things about the power of green and how can we benefit from colour therapy everyday:

  • Green is the colour of nature, it symbolises harmony and balance. It is that green field of grass that you think of when you are dreaming about spreading your wings and setting yourself free.
  • It makes you healthy. Isn’t that green smoothie, so perfect for your body, giving you energy and strength that lasts throughout the day? Yup, I think so too!
  • Green makes you feel better. Apparently, scientific research has shown that you’re more likely to spend more time in a space if it is painted green – such as a meeting room at work, or even the green elements that may be visible in a shop when you are out shopping.
  • Focus, focus, focus! Being surrounded by green can actually increase your concentration levels and improve your creativity. Try giving it a go yourself by spending a day in a nice green park, then another in a grey, industrial, concrete setting. See which of the two inspires you to reach a higher peak performance. But I think we already know the answer to that!
  • Green gives you motivation! Yes, you’ve got the green light! Go for it!
  • It can calm you down. Having a stressful day? Find a green spot to clear your mind. I bet you can already hear the soothing sounds, as the trees sway in the mild breeze that is gently making its way across the park.
  • Last, but not least green is of course, associated with wealth – could it be anything to do with the colour of those fresh, green dollar bills perhaps? I don’t think so… But green symbolises abundance.

Colour therapy is an easy way to get in touch with all of those wonderful things that you want to manifest in your life. Start with green, the color of spring, the perfect colour and time to kick-start those dreams this very moment!


SparkYourBloom Today And Everyday!


For the past 4 years, Elvis has organized various personal development events, workshops and retreats, while freelancing as a virtual assistant. He surrounds himself with kind, happy people and believes that a positive approach in life will bring results with the same outcome. He is passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and customs.

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