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The Most Common Diet Mistakes To Avoid

How can you lose weight quickly? The question so many of us ask when we want to lose weight fast, to fit into a particular outfit or dazzle at a special event.

However, the need for speed, can cause us to fall into the trap of making some of the most common diet mistakes. How can you avoid making those same diet mistakes all over again? Think twice!


The Most Common Diet Mistakes Explained


1. Remember the body is a machine.

If you want to lose weight fast, to simply stop eating may seem like a great express solution. You can’t read a magazine without hearing some model or celebrity mentioning their crash diet, however avoid anything like this at all costs. Cutting out meals causes you serious problems inside.


Our body is a machine and food is its fuel. A car can’t run without petrol and we can’t operate without food.


2. Control your levels of leptin and grehlin

They are the hormones responsible for managing when we feel hungry and how much we should eat. They keep our fuel tank full. When we skip meals, leptin and grehlin alert our body and brain that our food intake has stopped. So the brain kicks into action and later on we will end up eating more than we needed.


3. Keep things calm and balanced with a healthy, hearty breakfast.

Eating a proper breakfast fills you up, so that you can make it to your nutritious lunch without snacking.


4. Liquids are not enough.

Sticking to a long term liquid diet seems like a great idea – right? Don’t be tempted to start a diet that solely involves drinking. Many liquids contain lots of hidden sugars. Additionally, being a machine, your body knows the difference between drinks and food, so this is no different to skipping meals – you will still end up over-compensating with food later.


5. Switching to diet foods.

It is tempting to avoid the need to research diets and simply switch to eating diet food. Don’t be fooled. With their unconventional compositions, diet foods, will simply leave you feeling half full and in need of a snack. When you want to lose weight, snacks are one of the things that you want to avoid. Instead, switch to healthy, nutritious foods, instead of manufactured low-fat products.


7. Exercising to extremes.

Deciding to live in the gym until you lose the weight is a common diet mistake. Attempting to do too much exercise can lead to a number of diet mishaps.

Firstly, lots of people give up because their goal was not realistic. Alternatively, many dieters over-estimate how much they can eat after strenuous exercise, thereby undoing all of their hard work earlier in the day.

Another error is to do so much, that your body acclimatises to the change and you don’t lose any weight at all. Alternatively you may over-exercise to the point where you cause yourself to become stressed, which is an easy way to gain weight.

Instead, do a medium level of different types of workouts, especially abs whilst eating proper, nutritious meals.


8. Sleep.

One of the easiest actions to take is to get enough sleep. When we get our full recommended 8 hours, we can actually experience weight-loss.

Note that there are a few interesting and important things that you can do to mindfully support your dieting program. We have addressed this issue in our article Happy Heathy Diet – Part II


A mindful life style helps you avoid these common diet mistakes and save yourself time, energy and money, by sticking to three nutritious meals a day, twinned with regular, varied exercise and practices.


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