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A Simple Self Awareness Exercise For Coping With Loss

Coping with loss leaves us feeling lost. Robbed of direction, spent with emotion and in a place of standstill. As we struggle to find a way through grief, self awareness can help us
to begin to uncover a way of coping with loss.

As we become more conscious of ourselves, we develop a deeper understanding of our emotions, needs and our place on our journey.  When you are coping with loss, you need things to be as simple and straightforward as possible. The best, most powerful way to begin to cope with loss, is to start with yourself. Whit self-love practices.


Coping With Loss As Effective As Possible


1. You need kindness, care and understanding – from yourself.

Begin by trying hard to eat regularly for nourishment. Take a walk, run or some other form of gentle exercise at least once a day, the endorphins released will help to calm your mind and body.


2. Take some time out to be still with yourself.

You may choose to meditate, read something inspirational or comforting, write a letter to the person you grieve for, pray, sing, journal or even cry. The choice is yours – what is important is that it is your time to be alone with yourself. Whilst you spend time with yourself, build your inner self, your spiritual muscle. Listen to your deepest thoughts, explore your most private feelings, question and reflect on how you really feel. Value each thought and accept every feeling – just as it is.Forgive yourself, others and lost opportunities.


Try instead to find moments of gratitude in the memories of the times that you had. When you are ready, consider whether there is something that you would like to do with your feelings and thoughts.

You may want to volunteer at a charity, take on a physical challenge for a charity, create artwork (mandala paintings helps you escape the monkey mind), talk with someone that you trust or a professional, take a trip, create a memory book, plant a tree, change your lifestyle or job.

Your new, strong connection with your most authentic voice, will mean that you know exactly what you want to do and why. In your fresh, aligned state you will have the confidence to take the next step because you understand that it is what you need to do for you. It is what you require as you cope with your loss.

Thus, it is not a decision that you need others to understand, this one is for you. Your decision about what you need to do to find your through.


3. Continue too, to look after your body as well as your soul.

In addition to nourishment and exercise, now that you are beginning to know and understand yourself better, choose something
that you will enjoy and treat yourself to it, regularly. Care and understanding of self are your most powerful tools in coping with loss.


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