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Diet For Beautiful Hair: Ghee Your Way to Glee!

Is there such a thing like a diet for beautiful hair? Since I was very little I’ve always had thin hair that seemed to never grow past a certain length. I tried multiple things, like eating nuts that are known to improve hair growth, using olive or coconut oil as overnight masks. And so on and so forth, but nothing seemed to make a difference till recently.

A few weeks ago I switched to a Ketogenic diet and noticed that most of the recipes involved ghee butter, so I looked into it. Ghee is also known as clarified butter or anhydrous milk fat and has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for cooking and therapeutically, both internally and externally.


Why Is Ghee Such A Super Food In A Diet For Beautiful Hair


After some (extensive) research I concluded that the answer to all my hair, digestion and skin problems might just be: “Ghee, Ghee & more Ghee”! Allow me tell you why … Ghee is a super food.

  • Do you have symptoms of lactose intolerance? No problem, Ghee is a great butter substitute, since it’s free of lactose and casein.
  • Do you want to lose weight? Ghee again, due to the medium-chain fatty acids found in healthy fats like ghee and coconut oil, they can boost fat burning and help increase weight loss, so swap your vegetable oils and butters with Ghee and let the magic happen.
  • Digestion problems? Me too, but not anymore! Ghee is an excellent source of butyrate, the short-chain fatty acid that is crucial to maintaining optimal digestive health. Butyrate provides energy for the cells in the colon, helps support gut barrier function and fights off inflammation.


Need I Say More About My Diet?!?


I now integrate Ghee in everything: cooking, my coffee, hair masks, and for my skin irritations or just simply on my face (slows the ageing process, hydrates, lightens up skin).

Last, but not least, we all know by now that having a clear mind really aids with meditation; using Ghee is a great step forward to achieving better meditation results, and an overall improved lifestyle. So, Ghee away!


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Petra is studying Psychology in Media and Communication in London. In the meanwhile, apart from studying for her exams, she is pursuing her passion for people, human behaviour and the health of the mind as our Junior Spark. Her interests are food, she also has a foodie page on Instagram @HungryPetra, discovering the world and learning the nitty gritty of running a business from her mom.

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