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Dynamic Meditation or The Art of Getting Loose


Dynamic meditation is today one of my favourite types of meditation. It suits my needs and also my lifestyle, but it wasn’t very easy to start practising it.

The main reason I haven’t tried it sooner was probably because I am not a morning person. But once I got over this and motivated myself to get out of bed, the fun begun! I’ve heard interesting stories about the dynamic meditation and the fact that I could be in a room full of people and let it all out, seemed very appealing to me.

Therefore, if you have second thoughts related to this practice, or any other mindfulness practice, don’t just give up the idea of giving it a go someday, whatever your holdbacks might be.


What Is Dynamic Meditation?


The method has been created by OSHO and involves physical actions. It is one of the most playful types of meditation due to its intensity. It is meant to be done early morning, lasts one hour and helps the body become free.

The 5 stages of the dynamic meditation are:

  1. Breathe chaotically through the nose and concentrate on the exhalation;
  2. Let go! Allow your body to do whatever wants to. Could be screaming, shouting, crying, jumping, crawling, kicking, dancing. Whatever works for you.
  3. Raise your hands above your head and shout mantra “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!”
  4. Just freeze! Wherever you are, in whatever position you find yourself, stay still for a few minutes.
  5. Celebrate! Dance, laugh, move freely!


How Is My Experience With Dynamic Meditation Like?


Now I practice it whenever I have a couple of rough days and I just feel like shouting my lungs out, without being judged. You might think: “why don’t you just do it at home? Use your pillow”. It’s not the same thing – I guess the fact that I see people around me doing the same, encourages me to really let it ALL out. Not to mention how special the energy created in that room is. And to be honest, I don’t want to scare my neighbours.

Actually, during my first session, I did get a little scared. Some people really are dealing with a lot – I said to myself – while observing their reactions.

But at the same time, I thought that the most important thing besides letting myself go with the flow, would be to no longer judge anything and/or anyone. If that’s what their body is telling them to do and if it works for them, it’s fine by me. I also learnt not to pay attention to anyone else but to myself during the meditation. To focus my attention on what I need, and on what my body needs.


Is Dynamic Meditation For You?


I guess you won’t find out unless you give it a go! Some people do this, others jog, or do bungee-jumping. But we do live in stressful times, and we need to find a balance.


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