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Easter Preparations: 6 Ways to get the kids involved in chores

It is that time of the year when the sun bursts through the window, and you suddenly realise that you better get started if you want to finish on time the Easter preparations. Meanwhile, your children on school hols, want nothing more than to be continuously entertained. So how to do both and get the children involved in getting ready for Easter?


Make The Easter Preparations Fun


Rather than trying to both do the chores and keep the children happy, use these top, fun ways to get kids to do the chores with you. Like anything else, if you can make it fun and take away the have-tos, both the kids and you will find the whole thing is much less of a hassle. If you can pass the time by working together, the housework will be done much quicker, leaving more time for further fun.


1. Cooking

Kids love cooking, especially chopping, mixing and baking. The added benefit is that it is a fantastic way for them to improve their maths and organisational skills too. Let children help you to measure, pour, mix and chop, for a fun chore and an educational activity that is good enough to eat!


2. Rainbow bookshelves

Sorting and organising can be a brilliant way to calm kids down, that can keep them occupied for hours. Meanwhile you can advance with the real Easter preparations. Additionally, if you can let them make it creative and personal to them, they will take better ownership of keeping the area tidy.

Courtesy of my daughter, I can confirm that rainbow bookshelves are super-hot and will keep them occupied for hours. Taking photos will emphasise the cool-factor and motivate them to keep it like that. This trend involves organising the contents of the shelf in colour order, like a rainbow, with particular attention paid to tones blending correctly from one to the other. An easy trend to apply to other areas that need tidying or organising!


3. Points mean prizes

Like a game where you can win points, award points for chores completed on a visual chart and include yourself. Decide the prizes beforehand, such as choosing the dinner, afternoon activity or film to see at the cinema. The competitor in us all, can’t help but be motivated to win!


4. Pump up the volume

It’s amazing what a pumping beat and a few shapes can do. Pop on some music that you all love – the radio is a good option to keep everyone satisfied. Then bop away to your favourite tunes on full blast. Don’t forget to stop at intervals to have a crazy group dance together. The perfect way to enjoy each other’s company and get the Easter preparations done.


5. Real employment

If the kids are the right age to still pretend, put together a little job kit, with a funny job title label, hat and a mini kitbag with the things that they need. Give them their kitbag and instructions, then send them off to do their job. They’ll love it!


6. Film a home makeover TV show

Make the whole task into a TV show, with the kids filming their own home makeover show with a before and after. If it’s gardening, turn it into a gardening show, if it is washing up, turn it into a how to. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget too, the awesome power of a smelly or sparkly sticker! Six brilliant ways to get the kids involved in the Easter preparations.


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