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Getting Your Body&Mind In Shape: 7 Energising Activities


With the sun peeking through at last, it’s time to think about stripping off some of those layers and getting our bodies prepared for the warmer months ahead.

We have a top energising activities list so you can pick your favourite and just do it. But first, let’s see what the real problem is.

Although we all had good intentions at the beginning of the year, it is no surprise that for almost all of us those fitness goals have waned away. So how to get energised for the months ahead?

The problem with unfulfilled fitness goals is that we put too much pressure on ourselves and over complicate things. So, keep your energising activities simple, easy to execute and relaxing.


Our Favourite Quick, Easy And Effective Energising Activities


  1. Take a walk in the park, woods, countryside or by the river. Walking is a powerful form of exercise, a great way to de-stress and a brilliant opportunity for mindfulness practice. Appreciate your surroundings and empty your thoughts whilst getting plenty of fresh air. Practice it daily.
  2. Jogging continues to be a mindful fitness activity of choice for so many because as well as incurring zero costs. It has plenty of room to add endless elements of challenge. From fitness trackers to fitbit watches and fitness apps there are so many ways to track your improving achievements whilst pounding through the great outdoors. Practice it daily.
  3. Everyone seems to be swimming nowadays. Apparently it is a wonderful way to relax as you concentrate on each stroke and breath, in an environment free from any possible distractions. Just you and the water. The most popular places for the nouveau swim are in open water for a more natural experience. From the sea to rivers and lakes, open water swimming may be your ideal way to re-energise and condition for spring. Practice it once a week (weekend).
  4. A weekend yoga retreat can provide the perfect kick start to a more energised you. With a weekend away from it all to focus on yourself, you’ll be mentally and physically rejuvenated for the new season. Practice it two times a year (spring and autumn).
  5. Routines get tired. Pep things up with a weekend meditation workshop. Gong Bath perhaps? Or maybe an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and expand your skills. 2-3 days away from it all, in beautiful surroundings is the way to take some time out from your busy schedule. Focus on your needs for a change. Practice it two times a year (spring and autumn).

We love these energising activities because they really will motivate you. They enhance your mind and body, rather than adding unnecessary pressure and demands that end up making you feel de-motivated and disappointed. Achievable activities to kick-start your mental and physical refresh.


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A vibrant lifestyle writer from London, Charlotte has been passionate about wellbeing and positivity for over twenty years. Beginning with a life-changing summer when she read the autobiographies of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou at the age of thirteen, Charlotte’s desire to live ‘on purpose’ was set. Over the years, her journey has taken her through the books, blogs and videos of all the best, as well as many wonderful sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation. Charlotte is a busy freelancing mum, with a long career in education, training and writing.

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