Revitalising Energy Boosters For Long Hours At Work


As soon as summer fades away, our body goes through a crisis. We might feel out of swing, out of focus and in need of energy boosters to help us to make it through the day.

We tend to ply ourselves with lots of coffee and chocolate. None of these make a big difference.


We might feel better in the short term, but sooner or later our energy levels drop again. By the end of the day we’re so tired we can barely make it home.


All we want is to crash on the couch and erase all of the food-related memories from the day. We try to not panic about the huge amount of coffee and sweets we have consumed, hoping to at least fall asleep, at best, to stay in good shape.

It’s not that energy boosters are inefficient or a bad idea, the problem comes when we choose the wrong ones.


Problematic Energy Boosters


When caffeine meets sugar, our body completely loses balance. Caffeine stimulates the adrenals to release cortisol and adrenaline, that’s why we instantly feel good and focused. But these two chemicals are also responsible for increasing our heart rate and blood pressure, putting our body on high alert.

The same heightened state as when we are in a highly stressful situation, such as an accident, work crisis, relationship break-up etc. In those circumstances, our body fights against threats by releasing the same chemicals that are stimulated when we drink lots of caffeine.


Our body’s reaction to this rush of cortisol and adrenaline, is to assume that we must be in immediate danger, so the body is placed in ‘fight or flight’ mode.


A state which requires a huge amount of energy from our body to cope with the situation. So our stores of sugar are turned into energy, but it is only fun and useful for a couple of hours.

Then our sugar levels drop abruptly and we find ourselves craving for something sweet, or at least for another cup of coffee. It’s a vicious circle leading to anxiety crises, insomnia, restlessness, panic attacks even, as well as all sorts of other negative emotions.

We don’t want to experience any of these emotions, especially during a long day at the office. So how do we make it to the end of the day without these energy boosters that cause our bodies so much confusion?


Switch To Harmless Energy Boosters


We all know how exhausting, tense and sometimes de-motivating a long day at the office can be. We need extra help to handle it, physically and mentally. This is where energy boosters can help. However, we have to choose the right ones – those that don’t harm our body like caffeine and sugar.

We need boosters that help us to improve our performance and fix our mood swings. How do we do that? Here’s how we can boost our energy levels properly:


1. Choose a harmless energising drink: Green Tea

One cup of green tea has between 24 and 40 milligrams of caffeine a big improvement on the d to 95 – 200 milligrams of caffeine found in the average cup of coffee.


As well as less caffeine, green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that helps the brain to function better, improving our ability to concentrate and complete tasks.


In addition, green tea regulates our glucose levels, meaning that you won’t crave sugar during the day. When our glucose level is constant, we don’t have energy drops, so we won’t need lots of ore caffeine to keep topping up our energy.

Our favourite: Grande Matcha Green Tea. It brings calmness, as well as increased energy, with the biggest effects felt when it is drunk for longer periods of time.
Recommended amount: two cups a day.


energy boosters

2. To sleep well

Yes, a good night’s sleep is the best energy booster that you can get for the next day. The hardest times at the office come with insomnia, restless nights and bad dreams, caused by anxiety and stress.

Sleeping for at least 6-7 hours a night (preferably 8), gives our body time to relax and our mind the break that it needs to unwind. A short meditation is an easy way to put you in the right mood for sleep. But if you do not practice meditation, you could use a little help from a special product.

Our favourite: Perfect Sleep Pillow Mist. It is a blend of fragrances formulated to help you to fall deeply asleep.

Recommended amount: spritz once on your pillow whilst inhaling for a count of seven and exhaling for a count of ten.


pillow mist good sleep

3. To Think positive

Positive thoughts work wonders to keep you in a good mood through the day. Positivity and humour increase our energy levels, giving us a boost when we are in difficult situations.

Since we usually tend to rely on harsh words to describe a situation that we don’t like, an injustice, a difficult person (a bullying boss, for example), negativity can become a constant downer in our life.


The most helpful approach is to let go of the harsh words and replace them with kinder, harmless ones.


This is not an easy task – we rarely have time to go through an issue twice before we put a label on it.

But we can start teaching our mind to switch to positive reaction first thing in the morning, when we are at home.An easy way to do that is by reading a mindfulness card every morning.

Our favourite: The Good News Paper Jar, a collection of 31 heart-warming, short real-life stories. Having one a day for breakfast is like reading a newspaper, filled with all of those beautiful things that we rarely discover in our FB feed.


the good news paper jar


You will get to hear about other people’s dramas so you will eventually stop seeing yourself as a victim. You will learn about the positive life choices that others have made in more stressful situations than yours. Give kindness and compassion a shot, this is one of the most effective energy boosters anytime, anywhere.


So fill yourself with positive and harmless energy boosters this season. They will simply enhance your day.


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