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Step By Step Exercises to Boost Mental Focus


During the day, anytime you find yourself distracted and airy, you can practice an awareness exercise to boost your mental focus. It happens often to any of us to loose concentration when we are under pressure or extremely busy.

But playing games with your mind works wonders and it doesn’t require a special environment to do it. You can try one of these mental focus exercises during a 5 minute break at work or at school, before important meetings or exams.


Mental Focus Exercise 1: Observe!


  • Put some object (anything) on a table and sit just in front of it.
  • Focus on the object and its details while forgetting all of your thoughts.
  • Keep staring at the thing as long as you can.
  • Don’t think about anything else but if it happens then pull back your thoughts and think about the object. The longer period of mental focus means a more focused brain. It indicates your level of mindfulness.
  • This activity is very basic and easy to practice; however, it will definitely help you attain your objective. This exercise is listed among one of the most effective exercises when people ask that How to remain focused?.


Mental Focus Exercise 2: Write Everything Down!


  • Take out a new scratch pad and your most loved pen.
  • Focus on both the things with a complete consideration.
  • Take a couple of full breaths in and then out.
  • Note the manner in which the pen must be feeling while covered with your fingers.
  • Feel the way your sofa, chair, bed on even ground must be feeling about your touch.
  • Write all the thoughts on the pad and keep on writing.
  • Don’t leave your mental focus on the topics and write as much as you can.


Enjoy the practice and…


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