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Exercises For Abs To Make The Most Out Of Your Waist Line


By practicing these exercises for abs at least 2 weeks in a row you’ll be able to see a difference in your body shape.

Combine them with a balanced diet and you will be given the best news ever. You are going to fit into your glamorous New Year’s Eve outfit without torturing your body. And, most of all, without making those diet mistakes that you usually make, although they have no significant effect on your silhouette, instead causing a lot of damage to your physical and mental health.


Things To Be Aware Of Before Saying No Way! To Abs Exercises


As we all know from experience or reading, our muscles can easily get out of shape if we don’t exercise. One day you see your ab lines and the next, they’re nowhere to be found. Luckily there are many exercises for abs, to sculpt your body and put you back on track – looking and feeling better, day by day.


It’s important to start exercising as soon as you feel that you are getting out of shape. Otherwise it will only get harder to get rid of those extra pounds, especially around the waist line.


What better time to start putting a routine in place than a few weeks before New Year’s Eve? Don’t avoid exercising at Christmas! If you really want to, you can definitely find 20 minutes to accomplish your routine and fully enjoy the results. Much better than sitting around feeling bad for overeating and skipping the exercise.


Reasons To Give It a Go


1. Fitting a workout into your busy schedule can be challenging.

But you’ll soon find that sticking to a routine will help you to be more organised and keep a clearer mind. Exercise is great for giving your life balance and structure, rather than following a hectic, haphazard schedule.


2. Like most things in life, the foundations have to be strong in order for the outcome to be effective in the long term.

I follow many inspirational health and fitness Instagram accounts. And I love getting inspired and switching up my workouts with their help. I highly recommend this as a way to stay motivated. I recently came across something that I didn’t know before, that is very important for building ab strength, both for women and men.


It is that the foundation that you should always keep strengthening is your pelvic floor! The pelvic floor is put under stress during and after pregnancies but also with ageing.


Therefore it’s never too late to start building a strong pelvic core for support, to improve your posture and help other exercises for abs.


3. These workouts are meant to be done slowly with precision, allowing you to focus on breathing.

Additionally, these movements have a low impact on your joints, whilst sculpting your abs at the same time. Concentrate on your breathing, whilst you workout and let your mind escape all the troubles of the day.




Pelvic Floor Exercises


Do each exercise for 2 minutes with a 10 second break in between. Repeat twice.


Lying side clam with top leg extensions


exercises for abs pelvic floor




Bridge with arm extensions


bridge arm extensions exercises for abs



Exercises for abs

Each exercise should be done for 2 minutes with a 20 second break in between.


1. Arm length sit ups

arm length sit ups exercises


arm length sit ups



2. Arms up single leg extensions




arms up single leg extension exercises



3. Arms up single leg knee up


arms up single leg knee up abs


arms up single leg knee up


abs arms up single leg knee up



4. Ab twists

abs twists exercises for ab


ab twists


Tips For Your Health

  • Before and after each workout, you should stretch to warm up the muscles and release any tension that may have built up.
  • There is one cliche idea about weight loss that most people have when they want to lose the extra pounds quickly, that is starvation. Whilst this might be a quick solution, in the long run you will end up feeling exhausted and angry all the time, due to malnutrition.
  • You won’t build any muscle or strength, instead you will cause stress to your brain and body, making it difficult for you to perform easy, everyday tasks.

Respect your body and mind. Choose to only nourish yourself with positivity, close a healthy diet for a happy lifestyle.

This should go without saying, but just in case you forgot, your abs workout happens during your actions both in the kitchen and whist doing exercises – for best results, use a mixture of both mind and body!


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