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How To Prepare For Your First Yoga And Meditation Retreat


I know from my own experience that deciding to attend a yoga and meditation retreat for the first time is not an easy decision. Even if we really want these unique experiences, not knowing exactly what’s going to happen there leaves us feeling nervous.

We don’t have enough self belief. We’re not sure we are strong enough to stay away from home, in a place where the only focus is on ourselves and the only interaction is only with strangers at least for a few days.


We feel overwhelmed, become emotional and eventually postpone our plans until a future date when we’ll be more prepared.


The problem is: we will never be prepared for this journey. No matter how many experienced people we ask, or details we receive before booking, we will still have doubts and second thoughts. We’re perfectly happy with the stories and information we receive, but we are still too scared to book. Despite feeling like we’re missing a great experience, we postpone again.



5 Things To Do To Prepare For a Meditation Retreat



It took me more than three years of negotiating with myself for me to take up the challenge. One year after my first experience, I can honestly say that going on the five weeks yoga and meditation retreat in Cambodia was the best decision I have ever made. I went completely unprepared, physically and mentally. I just jumped in. But maybe sometimes that is the only way to do it.

For those of you who want a little more preparation, here are my top tips that I will follow this year, before going to my second meditation retreat.


1. Ask yourself why

Many times. Make the answer your intention. By doing so, you’ll have a clear purpose and focus for your stay. You’ll be able to make the most of the experience by focusing your energy on something truly meaningful for you.


2. Stay open-minded

Some of the daily practices within a yoga and meditation retreat might feel a bit strange at first. Such as hugging lots of people every morning, or looking deep into someone’s eyes for three minutes. Don’t judge. Go with the flow and see how you feel about it after a while. It might prove to be an interesting lesson about yourself and your fears.


3. Wake up early

Most of the retreats have very clear rules and regulations. Prepare to embrace them before you arrive (even if you are not keen on some of them). For example, it is tempting to want to skip the early morning classes, particularly if you are not a morning person. Instead start preparing yourself before you arrive, by waking up early, at around 6 a.m., for two weeks before you leave.


4.Don’t feed your fears

Not being afraid of anything is not necessarily healthy. But feeding your worries is worse. When it comes to our fears, we tend to rely on all sorts of biases and become victims of our vivid imaginations. Therefore, before leaving for your first meditation retreat, stay cool, plan less and think positive.


5. Put your business in order

As impossible as it might seem, staying away from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and e-mail is easier than you think. It is most likely that you’ll enjoy the lack of interruption so much that checking your phone will become an annoying distraction.

Yes, many yoga and meditation retreats allow you to bring in, and use your devices – thoughtfully. They even provide wifi. But it’s better to put everything in order at home before you leave, so that you can treat yourself to the ultimate luxury: time away from the noisy world.



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