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Happy Single Valentine’s Day!


O yeah… that’s a very difficult one, or at least it sounds difficult. A single Valentine’s may easily qualify as the worst day of the year especially if you are a true romantic who completely lacks any romance in their life.

The so-called “culture of love” built around February the14th doesn’t help. With record sales of chocolate boxes, roses and champagne bottles at this time of year, it can all be very overwhelming.

The idea of being alone on this particular day of the year, whilst it feels like just about everybody else around you is going out for a romantic meal, is a complete mood killer that leaves you feeling down in the dumps. However that is a real shame, because Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating love rather than an endorsement of coupledom as a position of privilege.


Beyond The Myth


It is not easy to face up to the reality of not being in that romantic relationship you would kill for. And that’s the hardest part of this day: everything seems to be a painful reminder of your single status, making it difficult to embrace the PDAs and get on with your day.


But it is possible to approach Valentine’s Day mindfully so that you don’t go into an existential crises every time you lay eyes on a box of chocolate or another red rose.


Yes, maybe it is not going to be an easy, wonderful or exciting day, but at least it can be bearable, pleasant and relaxing. You are not going to have the time of your life on Valentine’s, for sure. But in reality, neither will many of the couples supposedly enjoying the romantic dinners that you crave. Instead, it is the stories and ideals that we’ve built in our heads, about the way that things should be, that make us feel sad.


Single Valentine’s Options


So you face the reality of being single. It is not the ideal situation, but it is the only one available at the moment. What are you going to do? You only have a few options.


  • You can feel miserable all day, that’s the easy one.
  • Going on Tinder desperately looking for a last minute date is the dicey one.
  • Hanging out with some other single friends sounds like fun.
  • Or finally, you can spend a nice relaxing evening on your own, celebrating the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself. If you are up for the last one, spend the evening pamper yourself – you deserve it.


Single Valentine’s Delights


How can you feel good about being single on Valentine’s when everything all day seems to suggest the opposite?

First of all, turn off all of your social media channels, you don’t need to spend the day comparing yourself with a never-ending sea of pictures of happy couples.

Secondly, acknowledge the fact that being single says absolutely nothing about you other than that you are not in a relationship at the present moment. It doesn’t mean that you are not good enough, beautiful enough or powerful enough to have a partner. So you no, you do not have a problem and there is absolutely no point in blaming yourself, regardless of the past decision that lead up to you currently being single. It is ok to be single.

Thirdly, show yourself a big dollop of compassion. Compassion is not pity, it is love. Don’t make yourself into a victim, instead be a friend and partner to yourself. If you feel like crying, cry, go for it, release the emotions, you’ll feel so much better afterwards.


Put on your favourite music, avoid all songs that may bring back memories from the past and take a long relaxing bath. Light some candles, use some luxurious herbal oils and treat your feet with a great massage.




All of these pampering treats will help you to feel better and fall into a deep sleep later. The that’s it, single Valentine’s Day is over!


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