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How Can Healing Crystals Help You Remain Mindful: Part 1


Victoria Beckham has healing crystals in her new collection. Adele brings them to every performance and Kate Hudson keeps them with her at all times. Want to know how you can remain mindful throughout the challenges and stresses of the day?

From Sheryl Crow to Victoria Beckham, everyone seems to be raving about healing crystals and how they can help you to remain calm, confident and at peace. As we search daily for ways to escape the busyness of modern life, the rising popularity of healing crystals is no surprise.


Why Are Healing Crystals So Popular These Days


More and more of us are choosing to use healing crystals to aid meditation. We have a growing desire to remain mindful and present, throughout the day, particularly when things gets stressful.
We want to rebalance our lifestyles and redefine our priorities. As we look beyond the superficial for a more purposeful approach to living we need practical solutions that are flexible.


Thus, healing crystals are popular because they are a convenient way to maintain tranquility and focus in any situation.
Wear them, display them, carry them or hold them.


Discreet and intimate, you can use healing crystals wherever and whenever you need them. From the office to the gym – healing crystals can remain hidden away whilst you use them – your special secret.

A study by the University of Oxford, cited by, showed that: within one month of practicing mindfulness, there was: a 58% reduction in anxiety levels, 57% reduction in depression and a 40 % reduction in stress.


Welcome Mindfulness Into Your Life!


A large number of us now understand what it means to be mindful. Many of us benefit from practicing mindfulness and meditation every day. Therefore, it makes sense that now the need is for our calm and peace to remain. To be able to stay worry-free at any time of the day.

We are now able to recognise and understand when our states have been altered by our emotions. As a result we want to have the tools to be able to remain calm throughout the day.

To regain control when we encounter difficult situations or our minds are flooded with negative thoughts. To be able to help ourselves, when we feel most at risk of an angry outburst, an onset of depression or the early warnings of a panic attack.


Those are the times that we want to reach for the reassuring touch of our healing crystals and be reminded that we are more than enough to make it through.


That is the reason why the use of healing crystals is growing so quickly.
Their history and organic composition reminds us too, of the insignificance of a moment time. That nature orchestrates the fleeting quality of events – of the certainty that this too shall pass.



What Are Healing Crystals?


Let’s take a look at what healing crystals are.
Formed over thousands of years, deep in the earth, the use of healing crystals by humans, can be traced all the way back to the beginnings of man. According to healing crystals were first used in jewellery: beads carved of mammoth ivory were found in Sungir, Russia that date
back to 60,000 years. Additionally, amulets made from Baltic amber have been found from ‘30,000 years ago’. 2 Fast forward thousands of years and the great ancient civilisations, from the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Egyptians, used healing crystals to aid the body and support spiritual practices.
In the last twenty years, healing crystals have been used as a focus tool to aid mindfulness. Known to instill a sense of calm, crystals are widely used in conjunction with meditation.


Top 7 Healing Crystals


If you are wondering which healing crystals you should choose. Here are the top 7 crystals that can be used to help relieve the stresses and strains of modern life.

Self-confidence: Rose quartz is the crystal for unconditional love, that will help you to remain confident, as well as feel and give love.

Self-belief: Aquamarine, a crystal that will give you the confidence to express, and believe in yourself and your own abilities, despite what anyone else may say.

Positivity: Black Tourmaline, promote positive energy and keep out negative thoughts, with this popular crystal.

Success: for abundance and to maintain a clear focus, choose citrine.

Vitality: Titanium coated quartz will support relaxation, enjoyment and a renewed zest for life.

Motivation: Carnelian to keep you energized and ensure that you persevere – Carnelian is the crystal of choice for many.

For relieving stress and anxiety: Amethyst, this well-known crystal will help you to feel relaxed and calm.


Why Do Crystals Aid Mindfulness?


The whole idea lies in the crystal being a manifestation of your intention. A concrete representation of your decision, to help you to focus on the present at any moment of the day.
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, your healing crystal is there to remind you of your intentions. To remind you that you have more than enough to get through.


Find Your Favourite Crystal


We have a wonderful range of crystals in stock to help you to remain mindful throughout the day.

Check out our rose quartz chunks to boost your self-confidence, or our black tourmaline to ramp up your positivity.


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In our next post we look at why healing crystals aid mindfulness in more detail, as well as how you can incorporate healing crystals into you daily routine. So stay tuned to learn more and…


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