the powers of crystals

The Healing Powers Of Crystals: Part 2

We already talked about the popularity and history of crystals in our article How Can Healing Crystals Help You Remain Mindful When Things Get Tough. Today our focus is on the powers of crystals and how can they help with meditation, anxiety and stress?
So, let’s take a look at why and how healing crystals can be used as part of a daily routine.

Why Do Crystals Aid Mindfulness?

The . . .

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A vibrant lifestyle writer from London, Charlotte has been passionate about wellbeing and positivity for over twenty years. Beginning with a life-changing summer when she read the autobiographies of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou at the age of thirteen, Charlotte’s desire to live ‘on purpose’ was set. Over the years, her journey has taken her through the books, blogs and videos of all the best, as well as many wonderful sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation. Charlotte is a busy freelancing mum, with a long career in education, training and writing.