Healthy Ingredients: Rosemary The Herb Of Remembrance

It seems as though every day I read more about how herbs, spices and healthy ingredients have special properties that contribute to our wellfulness. Just the other day I was looking at an ingredient label for some food and rosemary oil was listed as a preservative. That was a new one on me.

Rosemary has been used both medicinally and in cooking for thousands of years and is known as the herb of remembrance. At this time of year when it is cold outside, it is traditionally a time we look back and take stock of our lives. This makes it an especially good time to incorporate the benefits of rosemary, one of the most powerful healthy ingredients, into our day.


Why Is Rosemary One Of The Most Recommended Heathy Ingredients During Winter


Rosemary is used in aromatherapy to promote calmness and to enhance memory.


I know, I know mindfulness is all about staying present, but how can we move forward if we don’t know where we are or where we have been?


So if you want to try out the benefits of rosemary there are some options that can come in handy at this time of year.


1. If you need calmness

Why not put a little rosemary oil in a warm bath and soak for a while? You could burn a rosemary scented candle, too.


2. If you want to stimulate memory.

In the kitchen. Why not use the herb in some recipe for the table? Italian tomato sauces are a good match with rosemary and the aroma of rosemary bread baking in the oven is pure heaven. In the kitchen, the act of stripping the leaves off the stems and dicing them releases the oils. The refreshing piney scent is a wonderful reminder to stay present in the moment.

In the bathroom. Diluted rosemary oil applied to the scalp is reputed to stimulate hair growth and a rosemary oil mixture is sometimes used as an antiseptic. The germ inhibiting properties are probably what also make it good to use as a natural preservative.

I have a big bank of rosemary that is usually in bloom this time of year. Recently I made a saffron fish stew that had rosemary in it. I stripped off some of the little sky blue flowers and sprinkled them over the soup for a lovely garnish.


Legend has it that the Virgin Mary threw her cloak over a white flowering rosemary bush and the flowers have been blue ever since.


Using flowers as a garnish is like giving someone a tiny bouquet, a gift of love and remembrance. Don’t forget to always use healthy ingredients when cooking. It will benefit both your mind and your body. And if you need some more inspiration, read on our article on Lavender in the kitchen.


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