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Holiday plans: Ashram vs Beach Holiday

Summer is here, so I started making holiday plans. I’m thinking of either going to spend some time in an ashram in India or just lay on a beach sipping cocktails all day long.

Both very appealing, right? But how do I figure it out which one would be the best choice for me? I know pretty well from my own past experiences how a beach holiday could look like and I am tempted to repeat history. But I am also very curious about how I would cope with an ashram’s rigorous schedule. So, I have started my holiday plans by writing down pro and cons.


What’s So Exciting About Being In An Ashram?


Yes, I knew that that would be the first thought going through your mind. Some would argue they’ve had the experience of their life in an ashram, others would never go back. I don’t really see it as a holiday, but rather a way to discover or (re)discover myself.

From what I’ve heard and read, it takes a lot of work to be in an ashram, both physical (it’s part of the process to work and do chores alongside the staff), but also emotional.

You are basically put face-to-face with your own demons. You learn how to face your fears and overcome them. How to see what’s holding you back and let it go.

How to become a better version of yourself. And that’s not an easy thing – but once done, oh, you are one big step forward. Besides all of that, I know people who tied lifelong friendships there. They came back totally changed and enriched. Read more on How to prepare for your firs ashram or yoga retreat.


What’s So Exciting About Making Beach Holiday Plans?


Well …sun, beach and 24h fun. Sometimes, I go on holidays with “I only live once” motto and go full-on party animal. But I also long for a very relaxing vacation on a quiet island. I believe in introspection. I could spend an entire day on a beach analysing myself: am I doing this right? Could that be improved? What’s holding me back from doing that? Is this really making me happy? I’m telling you, it’s a good way to figure out your life. My favourite place to meditate is the beach. There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of the waves and the wind caressing my face while I meditate my worries away.


How Do I Choose?


A little help here, please? I’m very tempted on doing both, to be honest. First, the hard work in the ashram, and then, the rewarding beach on my dream island.

I’ll get back to you with my decision, but I’d appreciate your opinion in the meanwhile. Stay tuned and share the love!


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