how to keep the holiday zen

How to return to work without losing your zen

The disappointing thing about holidays is that they have to come to an end.

Holidays leave us glowing, at peace with the world and excited about living. However, within a couple of hours of being in the office, that special feeling is gone. What if we could keep the holiday zen, rather than slipping back into feeling stressed and harassed?


Top Tips For How To Keep The Holiday Zen


  1. There are specific things that we do on holiday that create our special mood. Spend some time thinking about what you are doing differently that is causing you to feel peaceful, calm and happy. It will help you keep the holiday zen feeling.
  2. Write them down. Now figure out how you can work two or three of those actions into your daily routine. Write down what you will do and how you will do it, there may be changes that need to take place in your normal routine so that they can happen. Stick the list on the fridge and make sure the changes really do happen!
  3. Add some sparkle to your week. Make some time in every week for fun, curiosity and the unexpected. Part of the joy of a holiday is the lack of control that we have over what happens, everything is new and interesting. Work some of that magic into your normal routine. Make time to wander, stroll and explore. Embrace the unexpected and indulge in spontaneity.
  4. Try something new, go somewhere different, learn something that you have never heard of before, talk to someone new. Freshen up your normal routine by actively seeking all that is fresh and unusual.
  5. Bring yourself back to that place of calm and joy with some beats, food or mementos from your recent holiday destination. Meanwhile get busy planning your next trip!


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