New Years eve by yourself

How To Spend New Year’s Eve By Yourself


Spending New Year’s by yourself? Isn’t this what you fantasize about every year, but then one of your friends manages to convince you to join a party? Yes, we’ve all been there…

Of course, there’s that option of spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square, on the Thames or watching the famous Australian fireworks. Then if you’re into crowds, a lot of cheering and hugging at midnight.

But if you’ve worked hard this year, staying home might be a good way to give yourself some time alone, to decompress and embrace the silence and coziness of your home.


“You’ll do this when you’re old”, they’ll say to you, but everybody needs a rest, and reconnecting with yourself is not about how old you are at all.


And think of the energy you’d be saving! We tend to get a little hectic around the holidays, don’t we? All those airport waiting lines, stores filled with people in a hurry, then there’s the traffic!


Things To Do For Yourself This New Year’s Eve


1. Get yourself a really good bottle of champagne.

You’ll need it for when you toast and congratulate yourself for being so amazing this year, for overcoming all the obstacles and for being such an extraordinary person. Yes, it’s you I’m talking about!


2. Don’t forget about the food.

Your favourite dish, of course. Either cook it yourself, or if you really feel like being pampered, call that chic restaurant a few days before New Year’s Eve and tell them when and how you’d like it delivered.


3. Get those PJ’s ready!

This night is all about feeling comfortable – something fluffy or silky sounds about right.


4. Write down on a piece of paper, all the things you’ve accomplished this year, as well as the ones that you still need to work on.

Try not to be hard on yourself, set do-able goals and add a few challenging ones too. You know that will keep you motivated to become an even better version of yourself. Keep the list for the rest of the year. Check it every now and then to see how you are doing.


5. Watch a good movie. Read your favourite book.

Or do anything that makes you feel relaxed and brings you pleasure.


6. Pamper yourself.

You’ve saved a lot of money by staying home, so why not give yourself a nice present, something you’ve been wanting for a while? Gift wrap it when you buy it. Unwrapping it before midnight will be so much fun, even if you know what’s inside! It will make you feel so good about taking care of yourself, instead of doing it for others and waiting for them to return the favour. Go on, spoil yourself!


Benefits Of Spending New Year’s Eve By Yourself


  • It is a good way to reconnect with your inner self, decompress and relax.
  • You’ll enter the new year full of gratitude, good vibes and positive intentions.
  • You’ll give yourself the chance to make better choices for the new year and set new goals.

And remember: spending New Year’s Eve by yourself will teach you a thing or two about self-love, priorities and reconnecting to yourself.

You’re all set. You’ll rock this coming year! Cheers to you and…


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