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3 Ways Of Getting in Touch with Yourself


Have you ever stopped and questioned how you perceive yourself, before wondering what others think of you? In other words: are you in touch with yourself?

We sometimes forget that the most important relationship of all, is the one that we have with ourselves. So we give you our favourite wellfulness treat:  a series of three simple exercises that can help you to be more in touch with yourself. Unleash the real you and live authentically!


10 Minute Exercises To Get & Stay In Touch With Yourself


1. Keep a daily journal: write down your emotions.

Think about how certain things make you feel, what kind of decisions you had to take during the day and how they impacted you or others. This is also a good way to keep track of your behaviour patterns. When you re-read your entries a few weeks later, you’ll notice whether you are still repeating old mistakes or managing to change your behaviour.

What Do We Like The Most: Journalling is also a great tool to bring more awareness in your life. For instance, if you wrote about something that really disappointed you today, when you come back to it again in a month’s time you will realise how insignificant it was. In this way you will become more tolerant and empathetic towards others.


2. Take care of your mind and body

It really is only up to you what kind of person you see when you look in the mirror. Don’t let your job or other factors in your life get in the way of you being the most amazing version of you that you can be.

  • A 10 minute meditation in the morning will do wonders for your peace of mind. It will give you clarity that will last for the rest of the day and bring out the best in you. Make this your morning ritual and you’ll see its effects in just a few days!
  • Another thing that will help you to get more in touch with yourself is to love yourself a little bit more. The loving kindness meditation is the best practice in this particular case.
  • If you’re not exactly happy with the way you look right now, you might want to reconsider how you’re treating your body. Feed it healthy food, lots of vegetables and exercise regularly – you’ll see the results from the first week. Loving yourself on the outside will make you love yourself on the inside too.


 3. Analyse your life

This is another way of getting more in touch with yourself. But be ready for some big changes here, because you might find that where you are now is nowhere close to where you want to be.

Our Method: A good way to do a reality check is by compartmentalising. Choose a few categories and rate how good you’re doing in each of them. For example, Family, Friends, Career, Wellbeing.

How do you feel about them? Are you happy? Could you be happier? What would it take for things to be better? Do you need to change anything? Or is everything just the way you want it? See how you score and be open and ready for the life changes and improvements that will inevitably come.

Finally always keep this very important thing in mind. The most crucial thing about being more in touch with yourself is to love yourself like you want to be loved by others. There’s no better way of living life than being happy with who you are, because you’re amazing, and your life should be too.


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For the past 4 years, Elvis has organized various personal development events, workshops and retreats, while freelancing as a virtual assistant. He surrounds himself with kind, happy people and believes that a positive approach in life will bring results with the same outcome. He is passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and customs.

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