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I’ve Tried Guided Meditation At Home

Guided meditation is a sure way of practicing awareness, especially for a novice, but for the more experienced as well.
Whenever my life gets a bit hectic and I feel entering that deep meditative state is challenging, I opt for a guided meditation. For me, spiritual meditation is usually a great way to relax, reduce the level of stress and feel better overall, but I discovered that guided meditation works just as well.
Of all types of meditation, guided meditation has the added benefit of knowing that there’s someone there for you, rather than doing it all by yourself.
As the name suggests, you’re guided by someone during the entire process and it can make it go very smoothly. For me, it feels like this is going to work for sure, because I’m in the hands of a professional who will show me the way to reach that calm I’m longing for. It’s as if I put myself in the arms of someone I trust and know that no matter what, I’m fine.

Why Do I Recommend Guided Meditation?

Firstly, because I know that most of you are busy bees. Getting to your favourite meditation centre is not always possible, especially if you live in a big city. Meditating at home is the perfect alternative that can save you time and energy and help you to enhance your practice by creating a routine.
Then, it’s that soft voice you’re listening to that takes you to a safe place. It teaches you to breathe correctly and helps you deepen your meditation practice. Furthermore, if you practice a guided meditation in the evening, like I prefer to, you’ll notice how easily you could fall asleep and how rested you’d wake up in the morning.
Last, but not least, returning to the city noise after leaving the meditation centre might affect the state of calm you achieved through meditation.

What are the best guided meditations?

There are so many options nowadays, that it’s difficult to say which one is the best. After all, the best one is the one that works for you. If you are looking for guided meditations on the Internet, experience with different types and notice which one brings you to the deepest peaceful place. Pay attention to different voices and choose the one you feel you resonate most with. Than make it a daily practice.
Should you like to learn by yourself how to meditate, I suggest you start in the comfort of your own home. I’d also like to recommend a special CD with 4 beautiful guided meditations to help you with your practice:
1. Meditation for Full-body Relaxation – breathe and build a deep calm in your body and mind
2. Seven Minutes Breathing Meditation – meditate immediately and simply
3. Becoming the Stillness Beneath your Breath – breathe and dive into a deep stillness
4. Basic Breathing Meditation without music –  start meditating for longer periods alone
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