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A Story About The Epic Fail In My First Meditation Class


I remember my first meditation class with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. It happened 12 years ago and it led me nowhere other but into a deeper state of anxiety than I was already experiencing.

Back then I had a pretty big appetite for self-destruction manifesting in all sorts of unhealthy relationships, carefully nurtured to confirm my hidden belief of my uselessness on this planet. I was living these endless existential dramas that no one, neither friends nor professionals, could have helped me with.
Until one day, when right from the bottom of my desperation, I . . .

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Radiana is an editorial and marketing content strategist and creator. She is inspired by the people she has been working with during her 20 years long publishing journey, as well as the people she meets while traveling and those part of her yoga practice.All her projects are driven by her passion and her commitment, becoming a member of each community she engages with.