Meditation For Kids: The Balloon Guided Exercise

Both at school and home, more and more children are being introduced to meditation for kids. Calming, reflective, good for our health and beneficial for our concentration, practicing meditation is a great way for children, too to look after their body and mind.

Wondering how you meditate with children? Here’s a quick guide to the easy way to practice meditation for kids that children will love.


Meditation For Kids: A Short Guided Exercise


What to pay attention to:


  • When you want to introduce meditation to children, your focus will be on opening them up to the concepts of self-awareness and self-control.
  • You want to build their experience of the body as a sensory place that they can manage and control through meditation practice.
  • Use this guided meditation for an easy mediation practice for kids that they will enjoy:


1. Think of your favourite balloon lying in your tummy. We are going to inhale deeply, whilst we count to five and blow up the balloon in your stomach. Now we are going to deflate the balloon as we exhale for five (hiss to mimic the sound of the air escaping).

Repeat 3 times.

2. Tap a singing bowl (or another instrument) and challenge the children to follow the sound with their ears quickly, before it is gone. Get them to wiggle their fingers when they think the sound has left the room.

Repeat 3 times.

3. With their eyes closed, ask the children to see how many sounds they can hear around them and raise the corresponding number of fingers in the air. Tell the children to think of any thoughts that enter their minds as clouds floating in the sky. Let them simply drift up and away.

4. Return to blowing up and deflating the balloon to finish.


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