50 Mindfulness Activities For Kids

A Mindfulness Kit For Happy Kids & Adults


No doubt that mindfulness for kids = wellfulness for adults. I came to this conclusion by travelling on my own during the holiday season. This gave me the opportunity to observe families travelling with children.

It is a very interesting experiment to watch parents and children and observe the way they interact, or not, with each other. As well as the different ways they approach travelling and how dependant on each other the quality of their travelling experience is.

Mindfulness for kids might be the exact answer you’re looking for to ensure your holiday is a happy one for all family members, both during the travelling and at the destination.


A Mindfulness Travel Kit For Kids


Here’s a kit I recommend you pack in your hand luggage


A colouring book

This one is perfect for the time spent on a flight or on a train. The designs are specially created to calm the mind, soothe anxiety and destress. This Travel Colouring Set for Kids offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws upon creativity and helps your stay focused.


Travel Colouring Set for Kids - Soothe Anxiety


A mindfulness for kids collection of activities.

This boxed card deck including creative games, visualisations and exercises makes the time spent with your child not only entertaining and valuable. But also a great way of helping them relax and deal with their emotions in a fun and pleasant way.


50 Mindfulness Activities For Kids



A meditation for kids CD

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful evening, whilst your little ones enjoy a good night’s sleep. These soothing meditations are specially designed for children at bedtime, during long stressful journeys or other situation when kids just need to relax.


Meditation and Relaxation for Kids


A Go Yogi Card Set

This set also adds the benefit of physical exercising on top of the other physical benefits yoga poses have. The Go Yogi! cards are colour-coded based on the emotional and physical benefits of the pose. They feature the traditional Sanskrit name and the English translation. The Set also includes a booklet with instructions for use and ideas for adapting poses and using the cards as part of interactive storytelling.


Go Yogi! Card Set with Yoga Poses


Make the most of the holiday time both for yourself and your children. Give them and yourself the gift of calm and peacefulness and pack the holiday time with lessons and gifts that keep on giving.

Our motto: mindfulness for the kids, wellfulness for the adults! You’re welcome!


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