A Mindfulness Travel Kit For the Holiday


One of the most important things that helps me with the practice during holidays is my mindfulness travel kit. I find these products very useful for someone eager to follow their regular routine when traveling, so thought I’d share it with you too.

Why do I find this travel kit a must for a mindfulness practitioner? Well, do you agree with me that spiritual people, the ones who practice meditation or mindfulness regularly, are the people who travel the most? It is not necessarily a rule, but this is the impression I get whenever I read an article related to someone who’s been all over the world, or someone who’s about to embark on a round the world trip.


They give me a feeling that they’re free spirits, that they’ve come to peace with whom they are, embraced their nature and that they are the messengers of love, always on their way to make the people they meet happy.


It takes courage to put a few essential belongings in a backpack to wander around the world and I really appreciate that.

I’ve been trying to simplify my life in that way as well, lately. I opened my closet and realized that I have a lot of clothes that it’s unlikely I’ll ever wear again, so I donated them to people who need and appreciate them. I looked around the house and threw away useless things that only cluttered my space. You can’t imagine how liberating that was!

It is the same when packing for the holidays. Rather than filling the luggage with lots of unnecessary things, make a little room for a travel mindfulness kit.
Afterall, we don’t really need a lot of stuff to be happy, do we? Happiness comes from having memorable experiences, not from having material things.


Is it difficult to be mindful on the go?


When mindfulness or meditation becomes a daily routine, then you can practise it wherever you are, whether on a train, plane, boat, in a park, shopping centre, or even at work. You don’t necessarily need an hour to practice. Sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes to feel at peace with everything and reduce the level of stress in your body.


Why do I take with me a mindfulness travel kit when I’m on holiday?


There are a few things I always bring with me when I’m traveling or going on vacation, even if sometimes my way of meditating is just laying in the sun. Here are my most important meditation on the go props:


1. My meditation cushion:

My cushion is so light, I easily carry it with me whenever I travel. It helps me have a better posture – no more back pain, it is a visual reminder to prompt me into daily practice and sometimes I even use it as a pillow to sleep on a plane or train. Besides, it is machine washable, so I can use it repeatedly without getting it soiled. If you don’t have one already, I strongly recommend it.


travel kit red deluxe cushion

2. My beads bracelet:

A stylish reminder? Sure, why not! I like to wear a mala beads bracelet because I feel safeguarded against negative energy, or even energy vampires 🙂 Yes, that’s a thing, and the bracelet might keep them away.


travel kit mala beads

3. Guided meditation CD:

These kinds of meditations are magical for me. I love the soft voice of the person guiding me through the entire process. It makes me feel like I am in a safe, protected space, at peace with everything and everyone. And that’s a great feeling when on holiday and not only! I usually meditate in the morning, when everything is quiet, and the sun is rising. There’s no way the day isn’t fantastic after this!


travel kit guided meditation cd



This mindfulness travel kit could be a good choice for those using meditation and awareness exercises as a treatment for anxiety, too. Traveling can be challenging for people dealing with panic attacks or stressing about going to new places. It is a precious selection of things for single travellers as well, since they potentially find themselves caught in stressful situations more often.


A few minutes of meditation a day is the best way to save the holiday mood and keep that state of wellfulness to create wonderful memories.


So, why not create your own travel kit and make sure you pack your meditation props along when going on holiday. They’re useful and practical to help you keep mindfulness part of your daily life.

Don’t forget to relax, have fun, be happy and…


SparkYourBloom Today and Everyday!



For the past 4 years, Elvis has organized various personal development events, workshops and retreats, while freelancing as a virtual assistant. He surrounds himself with kind, happy people and believes that a positive approach in life will bring results with the same outcome. He is passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and customs.

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