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Add to Your Luggage to Remove from Your Baggage


Have you ever wondered what makes your room, yours? You know, the debate about the difference between a house and a home…

After all, if you move your furniture to another room, is that room yours straight away? Well, not quite, because it’s not about things, it’s about smells and the little details like lights or sounds that make a space uniquely yours.

For me the most important thing is the smell. I am very responsive to aromas, so my home has a particular scent that even my friends recognise it as my trademark, so to speak.

My bedroom, which is my sanctuary, the room that I love most being in, has its particular characteristics that help me relax and recharge, find calm and clarity, focus and positivity.


Mindfulness Travel Tips For A Peaceful Hotel Room


My work involves quite a bit of travelling, which means I spend quite some time in hotels. We all know how impersonal hotel rooms are, as they should be, in fact. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make them more personal for my stay. Here are some mindfulness travel tips that helps me a great deal to make the most of my journeys.


1. A familiar scent

Given that is not recommended to burn candles in hotel rooms, I spray the room with a scented mist that makes the space friendlier and more familiar. I usually choose natural fragrances, free of chemicals, that also have properties that aid my wellbeing.


2. An energy cleaner

On my night stand I like to place a small Himalayan salt chunk. It is widely known and accepted that Himalayan salt clears energies in a room. I also like seeing it there when I wake up. Makes me smile as it is my travel companion I also like to play with it when I’m deep in thoughts looking for answers.


3. A lovely reminder

If I travel for longer than a couple of days, I also like to have a small picture frame with my kids’ photo. They are young adults by now, but they are still my kids and I miss them. Yes, I do have their photos in my phone, but it’s not the same with opening my eyes in the morning and seeing their smiling faces. Makes all the difference.


4. The favourite taste from home

I also like to travel with my teas. I start my day with a cup of tea and seeing and tasting my favourite blend, adds to the familiarity of the space and makes the trip more personal.

Little touches like that help me integrate my regular routine when on-the-go and helps bring familiarity wherever I am. That relieves any hidden anxieties, that new places and the unknown brings even if we’re not aware of it.


Travelling, regardless of how used we are to it, does take its toll on our mental health and emotional balance.


And senses play a much more important role than we are aware of in keeping a healthy balance and perform at our best.

So, for your next travel, especially if it brings you any sort of anxiety, have in mind these mindfulness travel tips. Make sure you pack those little things that don’t add weight to your luggage, but certainly help relieve it from your (emotional) baggage.


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Mihaela is a Cambridge certified executive coach who works with and advises board members, top-level executives and entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their career. Her client portfolio ranges from prestigious national to large international businesses.Her approach is focused on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success. She hosted a top-ranking TV show and published two best-selling books dedicated to career success.

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