mandala meditation cup

My Experience Painting the Mandala Meditation Cup


Painting this mandala meditation cup was a great joy and an unexpected relaxing experience, too. To begin with, I am in love with mandalas so I did a little research before.
As you may know, mandala means circle, like the circle of life, or any other interpretation that suits your personal life.
Mandala designs represent infinite wholeness. They look like a cosmic diagram, intended to remind us of our relationship with infinity within our bodies and minds.
Mandalas are used in mediation to help people achieve higher concentration states by looking and focusing on this beautiful design.

The . . .

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Petra is studying Psychology in Media and Communication in London. In the meanwhile, apart from studying for her exams, she is pursuing her passion for people, human behaviour and the health of the mind as our Junior Spark. Her interests are food, she also has a foodie page on Instagram @HungryPetra, discovering the world and learning the nitty gritty of running a business from her mom.