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Simplicity In The Kitchen – Making More With Less

Every day living can reach frantic exhausting levels. But for me, inviting simplicity in the kitchen is a great way to slow down.

Oftentimes aspirations outreach energy levels between our daily obligations, the things we have to do and the things we need to do for others. At the bottom of the priority list is what we want to do for ourselves. But we can do better then this.


It’s Ok To Say No


Something I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that I don’t have to do it all. It’s ok to say no, no to social engagements, no to helping out, no to cleaning the house today.


Being rested and having adequate energy are essential to living a happy life. And while having a tidy house is nice, it isn’t essential.


So I’ve been trying to bring more simplicity into my life. This is something that I really have to work at, being aware of must do obligations, and assessing energy before accepting new things to do. My old inclination was to just say yes, jump right in, but occasionally now I have the foresight to refrain.

Another way to look at this is to reorder priorities, putting wellfulness higher up on the list. Safeguarding your own peace of mind and happiness which also spreads out to those around you.


Do You Own Your Things, Or Do They Own You?


The idea of simplicity in our things also relates to this. Simplicity in what we need to own, if we scale back on our belongings we don’t need to exert so much energy taking care of them and we don’t need to work so hard to earn the money to buy them.

Do you own your things, or do they own you? If we don’t have to work so hard to earn money we have time for other things that are good for us – a walk outdoors, visiting with a friend, or going to yoga for example.


Simplicity In The Kitchen


When it comes to cooking I really need to be aware. I can plan some pretty darn complicated meals and when I take a good hard look at what I’m contemplating I often start to scale back.

I start looking for ways to streamline and simplify while still putting a great meal on the table. Recipes with just a few ingredients, using a few prepared items along with homemade ones, and things that can be made ahead are all some tricks to use when trying to preserve your own peace of mind.

In the past I wouldn’t have dreamed of having company over for a dinner of soup, salad, and good bread, but now I do.

I make a simple blender soup, prepare a salad with ready to eat greens with a homemade dressing, and pop some bread in the oven to warm, and I can have dinner on the table in less than half an hour.

By bringing simplicity in the kitchen I have the time to sit down and visit with my friends and family. Ahh peace and contentment.


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Belinda is a writer, editor, explorer, cook and gardener. She loves to travel and goes wherever frequent flyer miles will take her. When she is not roving round the planet, diving in the sea, or skiing down a mountain she might be found working in her impractically large vegetable garden or sitting amidst a stack of cookbooks concocting ideas for some crazy new thing to cook in the kitchen. She has practiced yoga for twenty years and two years ago started a meditation practice, which is still very much a work in progress. She lives in Northern California.

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