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Daily Activities For Spiritual Wellness


Connecting to ourselves on a deeper level is essential if we are aiming for a life of wellfulness and spiritual wellness. We want to feel at peace and happy. But without making time to stay in touch with what we really need, we cannot have this flow into our lives.

If we are out of touch with our inner self, we quickly begin to follow someone else’s desires, not ours. So it is important that we have daily habits to keep us on the right path.


6 Daily Activities For Spiritual Wellness


It is frighteningly easy to lose yourself. To forget who you are. To march to the beat of someone else’s drum. To lose yourself.
We are bombarded with voices and messages everyday.


So often, the point when we realise our spiritual wellness is compromised, is the moment when we feel completely lost. And then we have to begin the long journey to rebuild our wellfulness. To rediscover who we are and what we need again.


To try to keep things more balanced, it is important to develop your own daily habits. Quick and easy things that we can do every day to ensure that we look after our bodies and minds. To stay in touch with who we are and what we need at our very core.


1. Cleanse your inner voice

Affirmations enable us to stay in control of one of our most powerful tools, our inner voice. We all know that our natural instinct is to talk ourself down. Why? Every day we are bombarded with images and voices that tell us that we need to be something else. However, the truth is that we have all we need for our own journey.

Use daily affirmations throughout the day, to remind yourself of your own value, power, uniqueness and strength. That you are precious, strong and more than enough. Take a look at our mindfulness cards, which will help to make daily affirmations an easy and interesting habit.


2. Time to re-balance

Meditation helps us to make time to ensure that our minds and bodies are re-balanced each day. How? Meditation gives us space to relax our minds and bodies. To clear our minds and bodies of negative energy, and refuel with positive energy. In this way, meditation is proven to help us to think and feel better, both mentally and physically.

Set aside 5-10 minutes each day to meditate. Your space to let your mind and body relax. You may even find the time to meditate more than once a day. The health benefits of meditation are endless. Have a look at some of our gorgeous meditation props to aid your meditation routine.


3. Be present

Even when we are moving forwards in our day-to-day lives, our minds try and hold us back. Our inner voice keeps dragging us back to the past. Past failures, disappointments and fears. Keep pushing against the desire to look back, with daily habits that keep you in the present.


Practicing gratitude each day with habits like: a gratitude journal, mindfulness or finding three things to be grateful for each day, help you to stay in the present. It is so easy to lose sight of all that we have.


Making space daily to appreciate what we have is scientifically proven to help us to feel better mentally and physically. Acknowledge that life has its own twists and turns that you cannot control, and appreciate the moment just as it is.


4. Value yourself as you are

One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves, is to make time to find out who we are at our core. To understand how to listen to ourselves. To realise that each of us is a unique individual. Once we recognise that we do not need to look to others, but to ourselves, we can begin to find peace.


Our daily struggle is to stop comparing ourselves to others. To drown out the noise of society, that tells us to be someone else.Make time every day to check your inner voice.


To see that the messages that you are telling yourself are those that build you up. To be clear that your inner voice is your own. To ensure that you are following your own special path meant just for you. A voice that speaks strength, positivity and kindness to yourself. Spend some peaceful time on your own each day, and re-align your inner voice.


5. Recognise that your body and mind are connected

At some point in life, we all come to realise that we have to be aware of what we do with our bodies. We need to look after our bodies if we want to feel good. It is that simple. We have to look at what we put into our minds, but we also have to look at what we put into our bodies. To make time to keep our bodies working properly.


Science has showed us that exercise is more than just a physical activity, because it also releases lots of feel-good hormones into our bodies. So too, the chemical benefits of eating well.


Make time to eat a balanced diet. Take some time each day to think about what you will eat and how those foods will benefit your body. Just like your day-to day activities, plan your meals in advance so that you don’t end up without the ingredients or time to eat well. Likewise, establish a time for daily exercise, it can be as simple as a walk or some yoga at home. Again, plan it into your day, so that you know, you can realistically fit it in.


6. Do something different

To keep growing and moving forwards, we have to try new things. In discovering that we can do more, we feel better mentally and physically. Challenge yourself to try something new, maybe something that you fear, like traveling alone, for example. It does not even have to be a grand gesture, but try to do or think about something new everyday.


It may be as simple as reading something or it could be a grander gesture that will give you a bigger hit of feel-good chemicals. Whatever you do, keep your mind and body fresh, challenged and active.

In establishing easy daily habits, we can keep our minds and bodies in good health. By re-aligning ourselves each day, we can keep our minds and bodies as peaceful and satisfied as possible. The best way to maintain our spiritual wellness for the long term.



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