Spiced Walnuts Recipe: The Easiest Snack Ever

This spiced walnuts recipe is my latest discovery. A real breakthrough since it is quick and easy and the result qualifies as an unusual yet delicious desert or snack.

Recently a friend gave me a REALLY big bag of walnuts and since it’s important not to be wasteful, I needed to figure out what to do with them.

Not being that much of a “walnut person” I wanted a recipe that would be a good make-ahead cocktail snack or a nice hostess gifts and could be something to share with others. After all a big part of cooking . . .

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Belinda is a writer, editor, explorer, cook and gardener. She loves to travel and goes wherever frequent flyer miles will take her. When she is not roving round the planet, diving in the sea, or skiing down a mountain she might be found working in her impractically large vegetable garden or sitting amidst a stack of cookbooks concocting ideas for some crazy new thing to cook in the kitchen. She has practiced yoga for twenty years and two years ago started a meditation practice, which is still very much a work in progress. She lives in Northern California.