Why your spring detox is more than a spring clean

It is that time of the year. Time for the annual spring clean. However, this time it is about more than your home.

Dusting down and clearing out is all well and good, but as we prepare for the rest of the year, shouldn’t our personal lives get the same attention too?

If we know that we should kick off the warmer months with our annual spring clean, then it makes sense for us to recognise that our personal lives need a spruce up too. How so?


The spring equinox is about the human capacity for renewal. About life’s grace in enabling us to have the opportunity to bring about change, fresh starts, new birth, new life.

Clearing our homes is a symbol for making way for all the new, great things that will make their way into our lives this year. Cleaning our body and mind is also such a refreshing practice. Both physically and figuratively, without a spring clean each year, we have chaos, messiness and clutter. To clean is to welcome order, clarity and the new.


The Full Spring Clean

This spring, as we make the time to spruce up our homes, as we muster the courage and discipline to bag up and pass on the clothes and shoes that we hate to admit we will never wear, to clean the areas that we couldn’t be bothered to in previous months, to finally organise that stuff that we carelessly discarded because we chose not to put them away properly, as we do these things, we can do them for ourselves too.

Why? Because when we take an honest look at our personal lives, we are ready for change. Ready to refresh and renew, to welcome the wonderful new treasures that life has in store for every one of us this year.


To do so, we can make the space for clarity, order and the new.


To Do List

  1. We can summon the energy and boldness to delete those toxic people from our contacts that drain us.
  2. It feel good to break those habits that deplete us.
  3. Also feels great to remove the unnecessary things from our lives that disrespect, disregard and diminish us. We know where to find them, now is the time to wash them away once and for all.

Spring clean them away so that you have space for the new edifying, interesting, new, life-enhancing people, habits and things that are on their way to you this year.

Your annual spring clean of your home and your life, your spruce up to make way for renewal of you.


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A vibrant lifestyle writer from London, Charlotte has been passionate about wellbeing and positivity for over twenty years. Beginning with a life-changing summer when she read the autobiographies of Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou at the age of thirteen, Charlotte’s desire to live ‘on purpose’ was set. Over the years, her journey has taken her through the books, blogs and videos of all the best, as well as many wonderful sessions of yoga, pilates and meditation. Charlotte is a busy freelancing mum, with a long career in education, training and writing.

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