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Stress-Free Winter Holiday Tips

So it’s that wonderful time of the year, when we get more stressed out on the winter holiday that was booked to escape it all and relax. Madness! So here’s a quick guide to how to get prepared so that you actually have a stress-free winter holiday.

Holidays are a funny thing. In our desperation to have the perfect getaway, we turn the whole thing into a joyless, mechanical exercise. So follow these top tips to ensure that in the run-up to your winter holiday, you do all the right prep to guarantee a relaxing time, that everyone can enjoy.


Ditch Trip Advisor


As useful as Trip Advisor is, it has to be the single biggest influence on the whole my-holiday-must-be-perfect and include all the must-sees mania that is the perfect recipe for chaos. For irritated companions, simmering tensions and a mega bust-up that sees you storming off, fuming at the – ingratitude of some people after all the effort that you put in to make it all perfect – scenario.


Its the old adage that you are so busy climbing to the top of the mountain that you miss the view.


So we are conditioned to think that the paid, genuine and fake reviews that flood the web, contain everything we need to know about our new destination.
Deep down we all know how vanilla it all is.

Fist of All: You are going on a winter holiday to relax, therefore, new rule. Thou shalt not plan out every second of the holiday courtesy of the top listings on Google. Thou shall stroll, wander and stumble upon delights, intrigues and local wonders.

Project Prevention: Trip advisor aside, interruptions from work, both mentally in your mind, as well as physically via any form of communication, is the second easiest way to ruin your stress-free winter holiday.


Tips For A Stress-Free Winter Holiday


1. To avoid that horrible thing that happens when a problem at work occurs whilst you are away, be super efficient before you go. Exert some risk-management strategies over any events related to you, before you go away.

2. Try to ensure that nothing which you have any responsibility for, takes place when you are away. Yes, you may well trust your colleague, but it is amazing how some people turn to mush when there is no-one to hold their hand. Leave an out of office message on your email, in your outlook calendar and on your work phone.

3. Go through all else with a fine tooth comb and ensure everything is left in order – including your desk! There’s nothing like coming back to a nice, tidy space – plus you look super efficient, although you are actually enjoying yourself on your stress-free winter holiday. By the way, our travel kit may help you both relax and energise.

4. Now for the all-important email question. To look or not to look? In my opinion, look a couple of times, if wondering about what may be on there is becoming bothersome.
However, I mean simply have a super quick scan of the inbox as it is, don’t make the mistake of clicking on any of the emails! Opening any email will immediately kill your chilled-out winter holiday vibes! Don’t forget to switch the phone off again though – see below.

5. Turn it off. Now I strongly believe in appreciating what you have, so I don’t agree that you need to leave all the tech behind. Many occasions spring to mind, where one is so grateful for the rescuing qualities of Google Maps. Arriving in Cyprus in pitch black, after a delayed flight, springs to mind. But here’s the thing – turn it off.
Yes, that off button, the thingy on the side of all tech. Turn it off and feel the freedom!


In my opinion, you still bring the phone with you – there’s useful stuff on there for emergencies or when you need to respond in the native language and so forth.


However, stay in control and keep it switched off, unless you are utilising the equipment on there.
So with your mind free of have-to-dos, your phone switched off and work out of sight and mind, you are completely liberated to enjoy all the magic of your winter holiday.
Your seasonal getaway, in full colour, stress-free, filled with joy and excitement at all there is to discover.


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