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Are You A Strong Independent Woman?


Whatever your answer is, you may well want to think again. It may come as a surprise, but being a strong independent woman may be the complete opposite of what you think it is.

Until last year, the concept of a strong independent woman was a complete myth to me and I always prayed that it would stay that way! I haven’t found a female role model that I identify with in 40 years, although there are quite a few women that I admire. I don’t: like being in the spotlight, need a big, showy career and I am not a #metoo kind of person either ( although I completely support the cause).


As a result, becoming a strong independent woman was never my goal and of course, I had never considered myself to be one, at the time.


A lot of NOs, right? You’re absolutely right. This was my problem. Recognised, accepted and happily solved. Here’s how:


My Strong Independent Woman (the one I now realise I do relate to)


So last year I met a wonderful lady on a yoga – meditation retreat, that I still visit. She was, and still is my teacher. Getting to know her completely changed what I thought about the whole female empowerment thing.

I used to mistakenly think that the independent woman had to either be a loud activist or a powerful business woman, exercising as many of her free choices as possible. Not surprising then, that I couldn’t identify with my images of these fantasy women who did everything perfectly, all by themselves. Cartoon characters who had no fears and never worried, complained or cried.

That was until I met Pazit, my teacher from the retreat. She was nothing like that, yet she still is the most powerful woman I have ever met. Pazit is a kundalini yoga teacher, a Reiki master, and a great mindfulness mentor, who has successfully run the retreat with her husband for several years now.

She is amazing. So kind and loving, with a great sense of humour and an extraordinary level of emotional intelligence. She is a strong, independent businesswoman, living mindfully, in a secluded location in Cambodia, with a long marriage behind her – all done whilst dressed in full yoga attire. Amazing!


How Did It Change My Perspective?


Pazit made me rethink everything that I had decided a powerful woman should be. Now, I realise that no woman needs to look a certain way, in order to consider themselves strong enough or independent. What matters is how you feel and think on the inside. How you feel about yourself and the way that you live your life.


Being a strong, independent woman is about being true to yourself, accepting your limits and working to overcome them.


So I have looked at myself afresh, and yes, I realise that I am now the Wonder Woman, that in the past, I did not want to be. Except now, it is O.K. Now, the fact that everything does not always work out perfectly for me no longer matters. It doesn’t or at least it shouldn’t lower my self esteem or my confidence to believe in my own power.

Now, the only thing that makes a difference is how I feel about myself. How I manage my fears and failures, what I learn from the life experiences that are not so happy. As long as I stay true to myself, I am indeed, an authentic, strong and independent woman. And so are you, regardless of the disappointments that may come your way.

For all of the powerful women – everywhere (whether you know it or not).


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