About Our Team


Mihaela Berciu

Mihaela is a Cambridge certified executive coach who works with and advises board members, top-level executives and entrepreneurs seeking to excel in their career. Her client portfolio ranges from prestigious national to large international businesses.Her approach is focused on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success. She hosted a top-ranking TV show and published two best-selling books dedicated to career success.


Federico Lazzarovich

After working around the world for several years as a digital products director, Federico decided to settle down in Italy and co-founded his first company in 2007; few more ventures have followed.He has been working within the e-commerce sector ever since. A strong passion for data-driven marketing and impossible missions completes his profile.


Radiana Bratu

Radiana is an editorial and marketing content strategist and creator. She is inspired by the people she has been working with during her 20 years long publishing  journey, as well as the people she meets while traveling and those part of her yoga practice.All her projects are driven by her passion and her commitment, becoming a member of each community she engages with.


Elvis Gherghinescu

For the past 4 years, Elvis has organized various personal development events, workshops and retreats, while freelancing as a virtual assistant.

He surrounds himself with kind, happy people and believes that a positive approach in life will bring results with the same outcome. He is passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and customs. 


Paola Chiesa

Born and raised in Milan, backpacker by vocation, Paola has a degree in Philosophy to which she’s incredibly attached. She entered the communication world in 2008 and worked in diverse roles such as producer, editor, copywriter and content manager.

Paola loves music and arts since she was born, reading and writing since age 4. In her spare time enjoys craft beer and volunteers as an educator for children with learning disabilities and special educational needs.


Petra Hosu

Petra is preparing to begin studying Psychology in Media and Communication in London in October. In the meanwhile, apart from studying for her exams, she is pursuing her passion for people, human behaviour and the health of the mind as our Junior Spark.

Her interests are food, she also has a foodie page on Instagram @HungryPetra, discovering the world and learning the nitty gritty of running a business from her mom.