Sat Nam - Truth is my essence. Truth is my nature. Truth is my truth. Truth is I.

Truth is My Name – Sat Nam Meditation


TRUTH IS MY NAME. The essence of Sat Nam means “truth is my name or truth is my identity” and as a greeting it means “I recognise the divinity within you”. The ultimate truth is not something that can be put into words but is the real heart of who we are as mystical human beings.

Our true nature is our divinity and saintliness. We come from source and are part of source, therefore we are infinitely powerful, limitless and are part of the same cloth.


Truth Is My Name Mantra


When we vibrate the sound Sat Nam – Truth is My Name – from the root of our spines through the crown and into the auric field, we are turning to the sound of the universe and our true essence.

The vibration of “Sat” reaches upward the crown into the ethers pulling the vibration of infinity into our awareness. “Nam” pulls down to the mother earth, which creates a manifesting vibration.


When the two are connected with this mantra, a direct line runs through the center of the body from the heavens all the way down to middle earth acknowledging the infinite made into manifest.


By chanting or meditating deeply on this mantra, you bring into your awareness the truth of your essence, which is part of the creator and can manifest anything that you dream of. Above all, it connects you to all the other beings on all dimensions creating a sense of oneness.

Today more than ever it is important to dissolve the barriers of race, religion, gender and political division. This mantra Truth is My Name will work to heal divides. Don’t worry about others. Do the work on you and it will heal the heart of the rest of the world. We are all One and One with the Divine.

Enlightenment is knowing the truth. “If it is not written in your destiny to be with God and to know higher consciousness, this mantra will engrave it in your destiny” – Yogi Bhajan

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Sam Nam Meditation


Meditation is not a punishment and shouldn’t feel like one. Meditation is and should be unique to you. It is your practice and yours alone. Experiment until you find what works for you. To make it a more comfortable experience, some people choose to sit on cushions, regardless of whether they sit on the floor or on the couch. Others prefer to lay down and have a cushion under their head.


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