valentines keto waffles

Valentine’s Day Homemade Keto Waffles Recipe


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day by yourself or in a couple, read on for the sweetest way to start the wonderful 14th of February. A special homemade Keto waffles recipe, healthy, easy to make and totally… irresistible.

Single for  Valentine’s? Don’t let melancholy ruin your happiness. Treat yourself with this homemade delicacy, and stay positive. You have a special breakfast, maybe the best you’ve had in a long time, so why feel sad? Enjoy it, savour . . .

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Petra is studying Psychology in Media and Communication in London. In the meanwhile, apart from studying for her exams, she is pursuing her passion for people, human behaviour and the health of the mind as our Junior Spark. Her interests are food, she also has a foodie page on Instagram @HungryPetra, discovering the world and learning the nitty gritty of running a business from her mom.