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Kitchen Secrets: Warm Up Activities For Body And Soul

The dark days of winter are upon us and baby it’s cold outside. When the chilly discomfort of winter is here and we just can’t manage to run off to some warm sunny locale we have to find some warm up activities.

It is nice to appreciate winter’s own austere beauty and one can also tuck in revelling in cozy warm blankets and fuzzy sweaters. But it can be more practical to find something nice to do inside our homes that would keep both our body and soul warm.

Part of being mindful and living a life of good quality is remembering to take care of and nurture ourselves. Despite my positive self-talk and reassuring thoughts that it’s ok to be comfortable I have some sort of weird guilt about cranking up the thermostat just to keep me warm. Part of it is trying to be a good citizen of the planet and keeping a small carbon footprint.

So, one puts on a sweater and two pairs of socks to pad around the house in. Sometimes even that is not enough to shake the chill. Well what do we do about it?


Warm Up Activities In The Kitchen


My thoughts often turn to the kitchen – what a surprise! These are the days when slaving over a hot stove sounds very appealing. Although for me cooking is never really a chore and is probably the place I really get the most mindful. So, how about doing some hot oven baking?

It’s a great time of year to make slow simmering stocks and broths. Breads and pizza with homemade crust is another favourite. Letting the pizza dough proof in a very low temperature oven keeps the chill off. Making your own sauce means the stove is fired up for a couple of hours.


This is a way to get double duty out of your kitchen appliances – you get to cook yummy food and help to heat your house.


Somehow the practicality of cooking alleviates some of the weird guilt. The best pizza recipes I have found for cooking in a conventional oven use pizza stones. These stones need to be heated on the highest temperature you can get your oven up to for an hour before putting the pizza on it. Believe me this definitely gets some serious heat going on and is a fact that makes pizza production a great mid-winter meal.

If you invite some friends over, the extra body heat and conversation can also contribute to a warm convivial atmosphere. Add to the warm up activities’ list a little red wine and fresh baked pizza and you will feel warm in body and soul.


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