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The Wonder Woman Power Kit

We live in the Wonder Woman era – an time of female empowerment for women of every age. We love both independence and motherhood, living life to the fullest and performing in highly demanding jobs. And of course, we love ourselves. But… do we really?

However, being a Wonder Woman can be confusing at times. We can do so many amazing things for our families, friends, communities, companies, colleagues and employees – but we may forget to do something for ourselves.


We may also think that a Wonderful Woman is defined by the choice to act and feel on full-power at all times, to do things completely on our own, without any help. This is just an illusion.


It can work only for short periods of time. In the long run, exclusively playing hard and trying to be totally in control will leave us exhausted, both mentally and physically. And after all, who says that a Wonder Woman must be tough?


Who Is The Real Wonder Woman?


Real power comes from kindness and compassion – towards ourselves, as well as others. So feeling emotional, low, blue or lonely from time to time is ok. It is natural, human and nothing to worry about. It is not a weakness, in fact, it can be a beneficial time in which to expand your mindfulness practice and consider where you are on both a physical and mental level.

As with any other woman, a Wonder Woman needs to face all the challenges in the world, too. The only difference is the way she approaches them: with positivity, care, intelligence and awareness of her body, mind and spirit. In fact, any woman can be a Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman Spark Power Kit


We have the perfect kit for those moments when you may feel like you are losing your Wonder Woman powers. We’ve tried them and of course, they worked wonders.


Revitalise-Me Shower Gel

This is the hero that gives you a good start to your day when you are feeling low or a refreshing kick to a blue evening.

Top Tip: Your skin will thank you for the precious mango moisturising infusion. It’s addictive!


revitalise me shower gel


Aromatherapy Focus Balm Stick

This magic product is the most effective remedy to have to hand when you cannot stop going round in circles about something that happened. Yes, a Wonder Woman’s mind may wander at times; but as long as you are aware of it, you have the solution.

Top Trick: apply a little on the pulse points on your neck and wrists, inhale and exhale deeply a few times and… feel refreshed!


focus therapy balm


Rose Geranium Floral Water

Here it is the perfect spray mist for your darkest moments. The extract fights against your anxious moments, uplifting your mood. But this is not the only good news: as well as having a GMP ISO9001 distillation facility and being fully FDA registered, this spray mist’s floral extracts also combat fine lines and clogged pores. Two battles won already!

Top Quality: the Rose Geranium extract is 100% natural.


rose geranium mist


Yoga Chakra Tea

It keeps you grounded and focused. If you find yourself losing focus, talk to your true self over a cup of this special blend of ginger, cinnamon, liquorice, cacao peel, cardamon and cloves.

Top Advice: To fully enjoy and savour every flavour, close your eyes for at least 5 minutes and let the exotic ingredients work their magic.


be better tea


Enjoy these Wonder Woman delights, try our special Wonder Woman no-coffee elixir as well and…

SparkYourBloom Today And Everyday! 



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