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How To Create A Zen Office Space For A Mindful Workplace

When we feel relaxed, calm and positive, we can focus on our work, concentrate properly and have more of those a-ha moments. A zen office space is a brilliant way to ensure that you have a mindful workplace. And the beginning of a New Year is the perfect moment to start declutter and redecorate.


Our goal is to have a working environment that is relaxed, productive and a pleasant place to be. Because it helps us with focusing on our work and with a positive state of mind. On the other side, loosing concentration is not only frustrating, it also affects our mood, wellbeing and often the rest of our day, even once we have left the office long behind.


How Do We Create A Zen Office For A Mindful Workplace?


For an office space to be zen, it needs to promote peace, relaxation and mindfulness. Not the sort of feelings you would usually associate with your workplace. Not necessarily the kind of things that you would usually keep at hand at work. But we encourage you to give it a try!


1. Plant Power

From living walls, to a single tasteful plant or a bonsai tree, add some life to your workspace with a plant, or two. As well as a reminder of the world beyond the confines of your chair, it will also brighten up your space, provide a calming focal point and improve your own personal air quality.


2. Back to nature

Bring the outside in with plenty of natural elements. From shells to plants, sand and water features, bring a bit of outdoor tranquility to your desk. Create a mini ornamental garden for your workspace. Choose a see-through container to create a pretty terrarium or a mini rock garden complete with soothing sand.


3. Maximise the light

Keep your space bright and light. Maximise the sunlight by having your desk face the windows. Use light, calming colours for decor. When you need artificial lighting, go for soft, soothing tones. You may decide to have an aromatherapy candle (battery operated or real – but be sure your colleagues are ok with the aroma), a pretty desk lamp or a cleansing salt lamp for alternative lighting.


4. Fiddlesticks

Declutter your desk, but don’t forget something for moments when you want to pause, and sit quietly – may be to meditate. From origami, to mini puzzles, meditation stones or a beautiful object, allow yourself a reminder to take time out every once in a while.

Additionally, you may want to add a little motivational memento. Anything from an inspirational message, to a sentimental object, happy photo or aspirational picture – something that will warm your soul whenever you see it.


Get creative and experiment with your perfect mixture of calming and joyful elements, for a bright, tidy and en office that boosts your mood and creativity. A mindful workplace that you don’t mind turning up to every day – or maybe most days!


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