A Kit Of Life Changing Items


Individuals think that mindfulness can be attained by sitting in front of a mountain for a few hours with your eyes shut. However, experts see it as just a single strategy in this regard. The very reason behind the use of mindfulness products is that they are truly the life-changing products. They not only show you the basic idea of being prudent in your daily living style but also there are huge numbers of approaches to discover the notion of care about yourself.


Life Changing Products


As a general rule, mindfulness can be approached in an effective way by the use of some specific products. Here, we have added the introduction of some top notched mindfulness products which will surely assist you in the attainment of your goal. Our Life Changing Kit is the base from where one can start building a daily mindfulness routine.


Handmade Bath Bombs

Handmade Bath Bombs


Sundays have turned into a minor celebration which comes in every week. You simply unwind, relax, and set aside a few minutes for you exclusively. What if we say that you light a few candles and immerse down in water with one of your most loved shower bombs in the tub.


You will surely feel that the mix of soothing lights, an amazing blend of colors, and warm water will give you an ultimate experience of ease and tranquility.


You can even meditate for a few minutes, the bathtube is an amazing space to completely relax and count your breathe. Or to watch your favourite series.


Our range of 6 high-quality Bath Bombs will give you a lively spa sensation which you will enjoy for sure. They will give you the following benefits:


  • Relieve spinal pain or a backache
  • Relieve sore muscles
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Regulate digestion and boost metabolism
  • Relieve fatigue and stress


These shower bombs will send you to that merry place of delight where you will be absorbed in natural blessings of essential oils and cheerful aroma.
Unwind and discover matchless relief with our stunning chunks of euphoria. This is one of the marvels which you can add in the list if your life-changing products on a daily basis.


Basic Meditation Cushion



Sitting in a still posture for a long time can cause physical fatigue if you will not choose the right option accessories. If your cushion is not comfortable then it can make you tired only after a few minutes of practicing. If you do not have a meditation cushion, then your ritual might be difficult.

Indeed, after only a few hours of mindfulness courses, individuals normally use to encounter some physical challenges. That is the point at which we work with you to locate the best sitting position and the present the best help for every individual in the form of our comfortable cushions.


Our hand-picked Zafu range of cushions which are tried by Yoga specialist will come with the following qualities:


  • Machine Washable and Dried.
  • Premium Quality materials
  • Posture Aiding
  • Effortlessly Carried out
  • Filled with beanbag


Here, we have followed the same technique which numerous historic experts of mindfulness and meditation have followed in history. Before, Chinese nuns and priests used hand-woven mats which were made of dry grass. They used to carry those pads on their backs and utilized them as security barriers against the odds. They used them in their yoga practices anywhere they wanted on the way.


This will be an amazing addition to your collection of life-changing products. These cushions are fully optimized with all the specs which will address your customary needs. These cushions are designed while keeping in mind all those individuals who dint practice cross-legged sitting position in their childhood.


Having the correct stature in connection to the floor is fundamental for the correct position to support the pelvis. All you need to accomplish is that the hips should be over the level of the knees so that your pelvis can be supported well.


Contemplation Cards


Contemplation Cards


Contemplation Cards deliver the Words for Reflection and Intention and work as fun loving and valuable instruments to boost the positive expectation which all of us wish to achieve while aiming at mindful living and self-improvement.
Our style of thinking influences how we feel and we act according to the same thinking process.

Through continuous training, we can envision new potential outcomes and figure out how to coordinate our considerations in positive ways.


We can have a robust control over or daily living practices with these Contemplation cards. Cards do all that in a simple manner by assisting you to recollect the great things throughout everyday life.


An instrument for reflection and positive aim, these cards highlight single word assertions in front of you. We welcome our clients to consider these key ideas after picking a card day by day no matter at whatever point they look for direction or motivation. Put them away in a little but appealing box and get a lot of effective conclusions in your mindfulness practices.


Mindfulness Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis CD


This Meditation Self Hypnosis CD is a genuine mindfulness instrument to assist you in the attempts of mitigating stress and anxiety. Although mindfulness practices can take a considerably long time to become an expert in them yet with Hypnosis, everybody can start to learn in a swift manner.


According to the experts in mindfulness practices, the Hypnosis is normally viewed as a sound procedure to train your mind so that it can work in a proper and optimal way.


It helps mitigate the wrong thoughts which can catch the capabilities of your brain to hinder its functionality. The two practices of mindfulness and hypnosis can be stated as 2 incredible tools to attain a thoughtful and efficient approach towards your life.

The free MP3 version is also included. It can be utilized on the new application from Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy for both iTunes and Android devices.

These are pertinent to follow for every individual on a regular base. These are not the practices which you need to follow just to attain mindfulness for a concise time limit. These life-changing products should be the actual part of your life and you can adopt them in your lifestyle.


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