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Why Practice A 10 Minutes Meditation For Stress When You Are Busy


I understand why meditation can feel so far away when you are feeling stressed. The gloss and glam of the images that we often see on the Internet make us feel that meditation for stress requires the lifestyle of a celebrity.

We are busy. Creating the time will increase our stress. But there are ways to use meditation for stress when you don’t have much time.

Today we will talk about how how five to ten minutes of meditation for stress can work for you. Whether it is guided or spiritual meditation, this is the best hassle-free way to use meditation to destress.

Social media, magazines, Youtube, they all seem to suggest that we should be in fitness gear that fits like a dream, with freshly-groomed hair and a picture-postcard beach landscape. But that’s not how we live.


In reality we are not in the best place, we don’t feel in any way ‘zen’ and the fitness gear is a t-shirt or a suit. So we pass up on the idea of using meditation for releasing stress.


Shutting it away in the ‘looks good but won’t work for me because box’, we forget about it. But we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t let the scripted images and ideas that we see, make us miss out on the benefits of this practice. If we keep things achievable, choose the parts that work for us, forget should and just do. If we start where we are, meditation for stress can be for us too.



Is Meditation For Stress Worth it?



This is one big question among others. What are the benefits of meditation for stress?
How can meditation for stress help me? And we can go on and on… But the only thing we need to know is that the practice of meditation gives us the things that we have lost: time, power and peace. And all at no cost.

From an early age, we are taught that to find peace in life, we must have and be. We must have more. We have more money, authority, achievements, friends, contacts. To do that we must be. Be the best, the most, the top.


Nobody told us that we already had it. That we don’t need to search for peace, power and time. We already have them.


At some point, any fruitless search will lead to a dead end. When it does, you find a new line of enquiry. Meditation is ours.

For those of us who dutifully did as we were told. Those of us who have had and been. Those of us who did everything we could to be the best we could be. For us, we reached a realisation that it wasn’t enough. Instead of peace, power and time. The have-tos bring stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and loss of control. And so we search for the way that we can find peace.



Why Does Meditation For Stress Work Wonders



Meditation works because all it requires of us is ourselves. There are no have -tos. For once we can just be. Regardless of the shiny images that we see, meditation can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Its popularity exists because it is the only time, that the answer is to look to ourselves. That instead of reaching out, we can reach in. And for the first time we realise that we got this.

We can do it, because it is in us. That we are enough. That we had it all along. We just had to stop, get quiet and listen. Once you realise these things, you feel a release. And so our journey in meditation begins. A journey of self-empowerment and inner-peace.



How Does Meditation For Stress Work?



Because it is simple and powerful.

Its effects can be felt and seen in our bodies immediately. It is something that benefits us both physically and mentally. We can meditate anywhere – whoever we are. We can even meditate when on-the-go.


Meditation teaches us that we are enough. 

And that is why meditation for stress continues to grow in popularity. With research from many sectors including science and occupational health, backing it up. The explosion of the practice looks set to continue to grow.

Stay tuned for our next article on How To Create A Ten Minutes Meditation Routine For De-stress and find out how meditation for stress can benefit you mentally and physically.



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